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Bills on Women’s Suffrage and Direct Primaries
before the N.Y. Legislature (SOLD)

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Typed Letter Signed, to Albert Schack, New York, February 3, 1911


Item #22091, SOLD — please inquire about other items

Portrait of FDR, Signed and Inscribed
by Roosevelt to Samuel Messer

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Print, signed and inscribed in ink, “For my friend Samuel Messer, from Franklin D. Roosevelt.” 1932. 18.5 x 24.5 inches.


Item #22467, $1,400

The Atlantic Charter

[FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT & WINSTON CHURCHILL], Broadside. The Atlantic Charter, August 14, 1941. Washington, D.C., U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943. #1943-0-517133. 28½ x 40 in. Designed by W. A. Dwiggins.


In the months before U.S. entry into World War II, Roosevelt and Churchill agree on goals and the shape of the world after the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny.”

Item #22438, $2,500

President Roosevelt Letter to Reverend Peabody
Regarding Wartime Manufacture of Devotional Medals (SOLD)

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Typed Letter Signed as President, to Reverend Endicott Peabody. Washington, D.C., December 29, 1942. With two holograph changes. 1 p., 8 x 10½ in. On White House stationery.


Item #21981, SOLD — please inquire about other items

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Thanks His Uncle
for a Piece on Thomas Paine

FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, Typed Letter Signed as President, to Frederic A. Delano. Washington, D.C., August 25, 1942, 1 p., 7 x 9 in. On White House stationery.


Item #22923, $7,500

Franklin Roosevelt: “The Constitution
of the United States...still is our Magna Charta”

FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, Typed Letter Signed, as President, to John H. Laux. White House, August 21, 1934.


Writing to the commander of American Legion Post No. 10, in Newark, New Jersey, President Roosevelt expounds on the significance of America’s venerated frame of government in advance of a parade to celebrate Constitution Day.

Item #13447, $7,500

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Accepts the Presidential Nomination

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Typed Manuscript Signed [ca. July 2, 1932]. Inscribed in type at the bottom to F. Houston Martin. Corrections in another hand. 1 p., 8⅜ x 10¾ in.


“This is no time for fear, for reaction or for timidity … ours must be a party of liberal thought, of planned action, of enlightened international outlook, and of the greatest good to the greatest number of our citizens…”

Item #21937, $7,500

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Offers Sales Incentives

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Autograph Document. New York, N.Y., September 23, [1921-28].


Item #21982, $1,100