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Golda Meir Raises the Rent

GOLDA MEIR, Typed Letter Signed as Prime Minister, to “Mrs. Siton.” Jerusalem, March 9, 1970. 1 p., 5½ x 8⅓ in. In Hebrew, on Meir’s personal stationery.


Item #22779, $1,200

Golda Meir Invites an American Semiconductor Pioneer to an Israeli Economic Conference

GOLDA MEIR, Typed Letter Signed as Prime Minister, to Albert Soffa. Jerusalem, May 29, 1969. 2 pp. 8½ x 11 in. On Israeli Prime Minister letterhead.


Item #23283, $2,800

Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion Congratulates a Labor Leader for Building the Nation

DAVID BEN-GURION, Typed Letter Signed as Prime Minister, to Mordecai Namir. Jerusalem, March 15, 1956. 1 p., 6¼ x 8 in. On State of Israel letterhead, in Hebrew.


Item #23282, $2,500

David Ben-Gurion Asks for “the Baghdad material” for the Second Time

DAVID BEN-GURION. [JUDAICA], Autograph Letter Signed, to “Eisenberg.” London, England, August 30, 1938, 1 pp. On “Zionist Organisation” letterhead.


Item #21762, $2,400

Yom ha-Medinah:
Marking Israel’s Declaration of Independence—May 1948

[ISRAEL], Newspaper. Yom ha-Medinah. Jerusalem, May 14, 1948. 2 pp. 16 ½ x 22 in., unframed.


Item #23011, $5,900

Announcing the UN Resolution
to Establish a Jewish State in Israel

[ISRAELI INDEPENDENCE], Broadside. November 29, 1947. 1 p. 27.5 x 39.5 in.


To the Workers of Israel, celebrating the historic decision of the United Nations General Assembly authorizing the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.

Item #21546, $5,000

David Ben-Gurion on Religious Freedom (SOLD)

DAVID BEN-GURION, Autograph Letter Signed (“D. Ben-Gurion”). To David Snir, November 10, 1963.


“religious people must respect the freedom of choice of a fellow man and no coercion is to be exercised for or against religious conduct…

Item #20382, SOLD — please inquire about other items

Paying for French and Indian War Provisions for Moses Franks and Other British Forces in North America (SOLD)

KING GEORGE III, Manuscript Signed, “George R.,” Court at St. James’s. Countersigned by the Duke of Newcastle, Lord North, and James Oswald, and signed on verso by Moses Franks, Arnold Nesbitt, and Sir George Colebrooke, December 14, 1761.


King George III signs off on a royal warrant for payment of over £14,522 to the late Sir James Colebrooke, Sir George Colebrooke, Arnold Nesbitt, and Moses Franks for “provisions issued by them to our forces in North America for and from the 18th day of June 1761 to the 29th day of July following inclusive….” The document was signed during the French and Indian War, a year after the fall of Montreal when the war had turned in Britain’s favor.  

Item #22285, SOLD — please inquire about other items

Confederate Circular Issued by Jewish Officer
Abraham C. Myers, Quartermaster General

[CIVIL WAR – CONFEDERACY], Manuscript Document, signed secretarially, “Copy” written at top of page, November 5th, 1861, 2 pp.


Item #22394, $250

The Report of the “Wizard of Weaponry”

ALFRED MORDECAI. [JUDAICA], Book, Military Commission to Europe in 1855-1856. Washington, D.C.: Bowman, 1860, 232 pp., 9 ½ x 11 ¾ in. With foldout plates and engravings of cannon, ordinance, maps. Scattered foxing, rebound. Deaccessioned from Yale University.


This report is the result of two years of travel and study of European artillery and small arms development. Sponsored by the Ordnance Division of the War Department, it exerted a great influence on American weapon design and construction during the Civil War.

Item #22508, $350

David Ben-Gurion Signed Envelope

DAVID BEN-GURION, Envelope Signed. Ca. 1960. 9 ½” x 6 ½”. Color envelope With postage date stamp “27.4.60”, Tel Aviv – Yafo, signed in Hebrew on center front.


Item #20245, $350

Ben-Gurion Calls for a Jerusalem Home for the Bible Society: “every spiritual idea, for it to exist and exert influence, needs a physical structure, too, a central home…”

DAVID BEN-GURION, Letter Signed to Menasche Elissar. 17 Kislev 5731, December 15, 1970. 1 p., 8½ x 11 in. Form letter on “The World Jewish Bible Society” letterhead. In Hebrew.


Item #20230, $2,950

Ben-Gurion Looks for Definition
of the “Zionist Movement” Today

DAVID BEN-GURION, Typed Letter Signed to Nahum Goldmann, July 18, 1955. In Hebrew, on State of Israel letterhead. 1 p., 6 x 8 in.


Israel’s founding father urges the president of the World Jewish Congress to focus on the “burning questions” of Zionism – immigration – rather than on “the historic tale” prior to the establishment of Israel.

Item #21300, $3,000

He Invented the Gramophone and the Microphone
(Telephone Transmitter) before Edison

EMILE BERLINER (1851-1929), Partially Printed Letter Signed. October 28, 1896


Item #20111, $1,500

Golda Meir Stresses the Need to Settle New Immigrants

GOLDA MEIR, Typed Letter Signed “Golda Meyerson” as Minister of Labour, to Yaakov Hazan. Jerusalem, October 23, 1954. 1 p., 6 x 8 in. In Hebrew on Ministry of Labour letterhead.


Golda Meyerson (she would change her name to Meir in 1956), promotes the idea of Mapam (the Marxist United Workers’ Party) joining Sharett’s Mapai (Workers’ Party) government. Hazan, the recipient, was one of Mapam’s co-founders.

Item #22933, $4,200

Henrietta Szold Offers to Help a Visiting American to “understand Jewish Palestine, insofar as it lies in my power to interpret our aspirations and achievements.”

HENRIETTA SZOLD, Autograph Letter Signed, to Rose L. Rosenberg. Jerusalem, April 20, 1934. On personal stationery, and with Autograph Manuscript envelope. 1 p., 5⅛ x 7 in.


Item #20721, $750

Menachem Begin Blames Ben-Gurion for Israel’s
“Political Demoralization” Saying “To Mapai: ‘No and Goodbye and Not to See You Again.’”

MENACHEM BEGIN, Autograph Manuscript Signed. Speech on David Ben-Gurion’s Resignation. [Jerusalem, Israel], 1953. 3 pp., 5 x 7 in. In Hebrew.


Item #22794, $19,000

Re-Paying Jewish Patriot Nathan Levy’s
Revolutionary War Loan

NATHAN LEVY, Printed Document Signed, to David Rittenhouse, countersigned by Charles Biddle and Jonathan Nicholson. Philadelphia, [Pa.], November 5, 1785. Signed on verso, “Nathan Levy.” 1 p., 7¾ x 6¼ in.


Item #21097, $3,600

“If you will it, it is no dream”: Calling for a Jewish State

THEODOR HERZL, Der Judenstaat: Versuch einer modernen Lösung der Judenfrage. Leipzig & Vienna: M. Breitenstein, 1896. First edition, 86 pp., 5¾ x 9 in. Bound in modern half-cloth, original front wrapper (soiled, trimmed, and mounted) bound in; 2 stamps imperfectly washed out of title.


Item #22745.01, $15,000

As Jewish World Editor, Herzl’s Work
“Becomes Heavier Day by Day.”

THEODOR HERZL, Autograph Letter Signed. Vienna, Austria, April 27, 1899. 1 p., 5 ¾ x 8 ¾ in. In French, on Die Welt [The World] letterhead.


Theodor Herzl worked tirelessly to promote the founding of a Jewish state, but two years after the First Zionist Conference was held in Basel, Switzerland, the end goal still seemed very far away.

Item #22791, $4,500
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