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Alice Stone Blackwell Signed
Suffragette Periodical Stock Certificate

ALICE STONE BLACKWELL, Partially Printed Document Signed. Five shares of the Woman’s Journal, Certificate #117, November 18, 1910. Framed with a photograph and engraved brass exhibit card.


Item #23076, $1,750

Henry Du Pont Signed Stock Certificate

[HENRY DU PONT], Printed Document Signed (“H. du Pont”). January 22, 1897. 1p. oblong quarto.


Item #20061, $500

William K. And Harold Vanderbilt Signed
World War I Veterans Bonus New York State Bond

[WILLIAM K. VANDERBILT], Partially Printed Document Signed. $50,000 World War Bonus Bond, issued to William K. Vanderbilt, Harold S. Vanderbilt, and Frederick W. Vanderbilt as trustees for Anna H. Vanderbilt, signed by first two. Certificate #64, with engraved vignette of the state seal. October 16, 1944.


Item #23087, $750

PaineWebber Founder Signed
Lake Copper Company Stock Certificate

WILLIAM PAINE, Partially Printed Document Signed as company president. 100,000 shares of Lake Copper Company, Certificate #28509, March 10, 1922.


Item #23086, $1,250

Robert Todd Lincoln Signed
Pullman Company Stock Certificate

ROBERT TODD LINCOLN, Partially Printed Document Signed as Chairman of the Board. 100 shares of stock in the Pullman Company. September 23, 1912.


Item #23085, $1,250

North American Land Company Stock Certificate
Signed by Robert Morris & James Marshall

ROBERT MORRIS & JAMES MARSHALL, Document Signed, Stock Certificate for One Share of the North American Land Company. Philadelphia, Pa., March 16, 1795.


Robert Morris and James Marshall sell a share of their land trust to the company of Bird, Savage, and Bird. Morris was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Item #21287, $1,250

Collis P. Huntington Signed Stock Certificate

COLLIS P. HUNTINGTON, Partially Printed Document Signed. Stock Certificate for the Chesapeake, Ohio, and Southwestern Railroad Company. February 2, 1883. 1 p, oblong folio. Archivally framed.


Item #23077, $950

J.P. Morgan Signed New Jersey Junction Railroad Bond

J.P. MORGAN, Partially Printed Document Signed as Company Trustee. $1000 bond of New Jersey Junction Railroad Company. Bond #1708. June 30, 1886.


Item #23088, $1,750

Lake Torpedo Boat Company Preferred Stock

SIMON LAKE, Partially Printed Document Signed. Stock certificate No. 2310 for five shares of Preferred Stock in The Lake Torpedo Boat Company. Bridgeport, CT, June 28, 1917. Boldly signed. Attractive gold and silver foil ornate borders with corporate seal and eagle vignette at top center. 1p. 11” x 8˝”. Archivally framed.


Item #23078, $1,200

Benjamin Butler Signed Stock Certificate

[BENJAMIN BUTLER], Stock certificate of fifteen shares of the Georgia Investment and Development Co. signed by Benjamin Butler as President. March 14, 1891.


Item #23084, $1,000

William H. Vanderbilt Signed Railroad Stock Certificate

WILLIAM H. VANDERBILT, Printed Document Signed as Company President. Stock Certificate for 100 Shares of New York and Harlem Railroad Company. June 19, 1871, New York, N.Y. Cancelled. Framed with several smaller images and a brass plaque, 28 x 21 ˝ in.


Item #23069, $1,000