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Suffragette Paulina Davis Accommodates an Autograph Collector

PAULINA KELLOGG WRIGHT DAVIS, Autograph Letter Signed, to Mr. Crosman. Providence, [R.I.], September 26, [no year]. 1 p.


Item #21678.30, $350

Lydia Maria Child Asks a Favor

LYDIA MARIA CHILD, Autograph Letter Signed, to “Friend Johnson.” Wayland, [Mass.], April 26, 1856. 1 p., on blue paper.


Item #21678.28, $750

Author, Educator, and Lecturer Kate Sanborn Gathers Ladies for Lunch

KATE SANBORN, Autograph Letter Signed. [New York, N.Y.?] 4 pp., 4 ½ x 7 in.


Item #21678.27, $750

English Sociologist and Novelist Martineau Signs a Note

HARRIET MARTINEAU, Autograph Note Signed. Address leaf, n.p. n.d.


Item #21678.25, $200

A Towering Figure in Women’s Rights, Lucretia Coffin Mott Signs a Quotation

LUCRETIA COFFIN MOTT, Autograph Quotation Signed. 1871. 4 ¼ x 3 in.


Item #21678.24, $575

A Receipt Signed by Suffragette Carrie Chapman Catt

CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT, Autograph Document Signed. Check. N.Y., December 31, 1899. 1 p.


Item #21678.22, $400

Woman’s Activist Mary Livermore
Signs a Quote about Suffering

MARY LIVERMORE (1820-1905), Autograph Quotation Signed. November 13, 1881. 1 p.


Item #21678.21, $200

A Poem from the First Female Ordained Minister

ANTOINETTE LOUISA BROWN BLACKWELL, Autograph Quotation Signed, to H. Norris Jr. N.Y., December 3, 1905. 1 p.


Item #21678.20, $500

Feminist Anna Dickinson Refuses to Apologize

ANNA ELIZABETH DICKINSON, Autograph Letter Signed, to A. Boyd. August 1, 1866. 2 pp.


Item #21678.19, $500

Belva Lockwood Signed Card

BELVA LOCKWOOD, Autograph Endorsement Signed. Archivally framed with an image and brass plaque.


Item #23083, $900

A Suffragette Signs Lines from a Poem Honoring
New Hampshire First Lady Emily Lane Smyth

MARY LIVERMORE, Autograph Manuscript Signed. August 30, 1890. Melrose, Mass. 1 p., 5 x 7¼ in.


Item #21678.16, $450

Alice Stone Blackwell Advocates Votes for Women

ALICE STONE BLACKWELL, Autograph Quotation Signed. 5¼ x 3¼ in. N.p., n.d.


Item #21678.13, $400

An Invitation to Join the Temperance Union

WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION, Printed Postcard Invitation. Unused.


Item #21678.07, $100

Five Women’s Rights Tracts Collected by Lucy Stone

[LUCY STONE], Pamphlets. Five Women’s Rights Tracts. [Boston?: 1854?]. 24, 24, 28, 32, 18, [2 blank] pp. Original printed wrappers [some wear] with wrapper title [as issued]. Stitched.


Item #22811, $2,200

Bills on Women’s Suffrage and Direct Primaries
before the N.Y. Legislature (SOLD)

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Typed Letter Signed, to Albert Schack, New York, February 3, 1911


Item #22091, SOLD — please inquire about other items

“Watch Her Grow”: Suffrage Propaganda from
The Woman’s Journal (SOLD)

[WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE], Broadside. Boston: The Woman’s Journal, 1913. 12 x 19” 1 p.


Broadside equating the anatomical growth of women to the increasing number of states granting women full or partial suffrage.  The text below lays out the states that have already granted full or partial suffrage, those where a vote for suffrage was then open to the public, and those where it is before a state legislature. Explains that women’s votes already determine one-seventh of the electoral votes in presidential contests. This is the only such broadside to ever appear at auction.

Item #21885, SOLD — please inquire about other items

Alice Stone Blackwell Signed
Suffragette Periodical Stock Certificate

ALICE STONE BLACKWELL, Partially Printed Document Signed. Five shares of the Woman’s Journal, Certificate #117, November 18, 1910. Framed with a photograph and engraved brass exhibit card.


Item #23076, $1,750

“Votes for Women”

[WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE], Votes for Women Flag. 8 x 5½ in., attached to the original 18 in. stick. Ca. 1910. Framed.


Item #21421, $1,500

Susan B. Anthony’s Life and Work
Autographed to Her Young Secretary

[SUSAN B. ANTHONY], Book, Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony by Ida Husted Harper, volumes I and III only, first volume signed by Anthony on front free endpaper, and by the author on flyleaf, Indianapolis, 1899 and 1908, 6½ x 9½ in.


“To Miss Annie E. Dann, In recognition of her cheerful helpfulness during the many months of the work of getting out these pages--and with the love of her sincere friend, Susan B. Anthony, Rochester N.Y. May 24, 1899--Queen Victoria’s 80th Birth Day!!”

Item #22197, $2,800

Rare Signed Photograph of Emmeline Pankhurst

EMMELINE PANKHURST, Leader of the Suffragette Movement, Black and white photograph signed and inscribed, “Yours Truly E. Pankhurst,” in black ink on mat below photo by Harris & Ewing studio, Washington, D.C., undated. Condition: 7.25” x 5” picture laid-down on mat, 10.75” x 7.25”, Choice Very Fine


The photograph is a wonderful, and rare, head and shoulders photograph of Mrs. Pankhurst. Though the photograph is undated it was probably taken in 1909, during Mrs. Pankhursts first tour of the United States to arouse interest in and to raise money for the case of Womens Suffrage. The picture was taken by Harris and Ewing, a prominent studio in Washington, D.C., well known for its portraits of government officials.

Item #20205, $1,250
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