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A Large-Format Map of France’s North American Empire

GERARD VAN KEULEN, Carte de la Nouvelle France ou se Voit le Cours des Grandes Rivieres de S. Laurens & de Mississipi...Amsterdam, ca. 1720. 39 x 23 in. First edition. Hand colored.


Item #22143, $20,000

The English Empire in America: One of the Earliest Maps of English Holdings in North America

ROBERT MORDEN AND CHRISTOPHER BROWN, A New Map of the English Empire in America...[London c. 1695]. 23 x 19½ in.


Item #22135, $20,000

A New Map of New England, New York, New Iarsey...

THORNTON, MORDEN, AND LEA, A New Map of New England, New York, New Iarsey, Pensilvania, Maryland and Virginia. By Philip Lea at the Atlas and Hercules in Cheap-side, London [c. 1685]. Third state. 21¼ x 17¾ in.


Item #22134, $25,000

The Earliest Published Appearance of Philadelphia on a Map

PHILIP LEA AND JOHN OVERTON, Map. A New Mapp of America Devided According To the Best and Latest Observations.... London, England, [ca. 1686]. 22 x 19 in.


Not only does this rare English map of America include the first appearance of Philadelphia on a printed map, it famously depicts California as an island.

Item #22141, $15,000

One of the Most Important Maps of Pennsylvania

JOHN MELISH, Map of Pennsylvania, Constructed from the County Surveys…Corrected and Improved to 1825. Benjamin Tanner, Philadelphia, Pa., 1825. 6 sheets joined, dissected, and laid on linen, 74½ x 50¾ in. overall.


Item #22137, $50,000

An 1836 Wall Map of the Expanding United States

J. H. YOUNG, Mitchell’s Reference & Distance Map of the United States. Philadelphia, Mitchell and Hinman, 1836. Engraved by J.H. Young, F. Dankworth, E. Yeager, and E.F. Woodward. Dissected into 36 rectangular sections, laid down on linen with pink silk selvage, approximately 54 x 68 in., folding to 11⅝ x 8⅞ in.) with marbled paper endpages. Lacking original case.


Item #22140, $16,000

A New Map of the United States
Reflecting the 1840 Census Returns and Westward Expansion

HENRY SCHENK TANNER, A Map of the United States including Every county ennumerated in the Census of 1840. Philadelphia, 1841. Unfolded, 63½ x 47¾ in.; dissected into 32 rectangular sections, laid down on linen, with blue silk selvage, folding to small folio size (11⅞ x 7⅞ in.). Lacking original case, but housed in modern black cloth box.


Item #22139, $25,000

A French Wall Map of the Western Hemisphere

GASPARD BAILLEUL, Map. L’Amerique Divisee en ses Pricipales Parties ou sont distingues les ud de autres les Estats, selon quils appartiennents presentement aux Differents Souverains De L’Europe . . . Par le Sr. Bailleul le jeune Geographe. Jean Louis Daudet, Lyon, France, 1752. Approximately 31 x 40 in., on original wooden rollers.


Item #22142, $28,000


THOMAS HOLME, [Across the Top]: A Map of the Improved Part of the Province of Pennsilvania in America. Begun by Wil: Penn Proprietary and Governour thereof Anno 1681. [Decorative cartouche to right]: A Map of the Province of Pennsilvania. Containing the three Countyes of Chester, Philadelphia, & Bucks, as far as yet Surveyed and Laid out….


The “greatest of early American maps … a masterpiece” (Corcoran).

“This monumental work is without question the finest printed cartographic document relating to North America to be published to date.” (Burden). No other English American colony was mapped in the seventeenth century on such a large scale, and in such amazing detail.


1732 Agreement to the ‘Lord Baltimore – Penn Dispute’ Including the Rare Senex Map

[BALTIMORE-PENN DISPUTE], True Copies of I. The Agreement between Lord Baltimore and Messieurs Penn, dated 10 May 1732. II. The Commissions given to the Commissioners to mark out the Lines between Maryland, and Pensilvania and the Three Lower Counties on Delaware. III. The Return or Report of the Commissioners on both Sides, made 24 Nov. 1733. Shewing for what Reasons the Lines were not mark’d out within the Time appointed for that Purpose. [Docket title]. London: 1734-35. Pamphlet, 8 pp., First edition.


The agreement – including the map – that ultimately ended the MD-PA border dispute.

Item #20882.99, $145,000

Jefferys’s 1776 American Atlas: The Best of the Century

THOMAS JEFFERYS, Atlas. The American Atlas; or, a Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of America; Wherein are Delineated at Large its Several Regions, Countries, States, and Islands; and Chiefly the British Colonies.... London: Robert Sayer and John Bennett, 1776. 22 engraved maps, on 29 sheets, all with original outline color, expertly bound to style in 18th-century diced Russian gilt leather. A very fine and complete copy. The book with maps folded, 15¾ x 22¼ in.


Item #20862.99, $150,000

1776 “Holster Atlas” -
Used by British Officers in the Revolution

[REVOLUTIONARY WAR] [ROBERT SAYER AND JOHN BENNETT], The American Military Pocket Atlas; Being an Approved Collection of Correct Maps, Both General and Particular, of the British Colonies; Especially Those Which Now Are, or Probably May Be the Theatre of War…. London, [1776].


This atlas, designed for British officers to use in the field, includes the “maps that the British high command regarded as providing essential topographical information in the most convenient form” (Schwartz & Ehrenberg).  The publishers claimed that their work would fit into an officer’s pocket, but it was more often carried in a holster. The present copy was bound in a more easily managed size with the maps cut, mounted on linen, and folded into a quarto-sized binding.

Item #20869.99, $27,500

1775 Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England

[THOMAS JEFFERYS], Map: “A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England, containing the provinces of Massachusetts Bay and new Hampshire, with the colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island, Divided into Counties and Townships The whole composed from Actual Survey and its Situation adjusted by Astronomical Observations.” Augsburg, Germany: Tobias Conrad Lotter, 1775.


An excellent example of Thomas Jefferys’ famous map of New England, in four unjoined sheets as issued. Published in Augsburg by Tobias Conrad Lotter, this edition is always more richly colored than the English Jefferys. Lotter was one of the leading German mapmakers of the 18th century, and his edition of the map is particularly useful in that it preserves the original English language text for the title, notations, tables and placenames.

Jefferys’ A Map of the Most Inhabited part of New England was the first accurate survey of the area and one of the earliest large scale regional maps of any part of America. First issued in 1755, it continued to be published in various forms until after the Revolutionary War.

The map includes an inset plan at upper left of Boston that shows the city at the start of the Revolution, and a second inset of Boston Harbor near the title. There is a large finely engraved vignette below the title that shows the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.

Item #8904, $9,500

1856 Map of Central America

CENTRAL AMERICA, Map. “Map of Central America, Compiled from materials furnished by the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate of the U.S., Executed at the Office of the U.S. Coast Survey, A.D. Bache, Supdt…March 1856.” Folded and bound in original boards stamped: “Map of Central America / 1856.” “L. D. Williams, Draught.n, U.S.C.S.” “Lith by J. Bien, 107 Fulton Str. N.Y.” Original color. Fold separations. 43 ½ x 46 ¼”. Includes Bahamas, Jamaica, and most of Cuba.


Item #20568, $350

1607 Cornelis van Wytfliet’s Norvmbega et Virginia

CORNELIS VAN WYTFLIET, Norvmbega et Virginia. 1607, Second state. 9 x 11 ½”.


Taken from the first atlas devoted entirely to America, this is only the second map to use ‘Virginia’ in its title, after the White-De Bry of 1590 [AL 09], on which this is partly derived.  Despite major inaccuracies – such as the labeling of the Chesapeake’s latitude near present-day Maine, and the depiction of the mythical city of Norumbega – this map was the most accurate map of the east coast until de Laet (1630).

Item #21001.99, $4,800

1747 Emanuel Bowen Map of North American Harbors

EMANUEL BOWEN, Map. “Particular Draughts and Plans of Some of the Principal Towns and Harbours belonging to the English, French, and Spaniards; in America and West Indies. Collected from the best Authorities. By Eman. Bowen.” London, 1747. 17 x 14 in.


Item #20873, $1,800

1674 Dutch New-York: Allard’s Totius Neobelgii Nova

HUGO ALLARD, Totius Neobelgii Nova et Accuratissima Tabula. [Amsterdam: ca. 1674]. Rare second state in original color. Plate: 18½ x 21⅝ in.; sheet size: 19⅝ x 23⅜ in.


Rare ‘proof’ state, one of only a handful. Shows rare ‘Restitutio view’ of New-York and played a part in the Penn-Baltimore Dispute.

Item #20911.99, $35,000

A Map of the Isthmus of Panama

J. RAPKIN, Map. New York: J. & F. Tallis, from The Illustrated Atlas. ca. 1850-51. With Illustrations by H Warren & Engraved By J. Wrightson.


Delineating proposed railway and canal communications, as well as illustrating gold seekers trekking over the Cordilleras and the fort at Chagres.

Item #20903, $250

1790 First American Chart of the Gulf of Mexico

JOHN NORMAN, A New General Chart of the West Indies… [Boston, 1790].


Item #20916.99, $26,000

The Map Used by British Strategists,
First Published During the French and Indian War

LEWIS EVANS and THOMAS POWNALL, Map. A Map of the Middle British Colonies in North America...with the Addition of New England, and the bordering Parts of Canada, London, March 25, 1776. 1 p. 21½ x 34 in. Three-part folding map with hand-colored colony borders.


Item #22136, $14,500
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