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“Brothers in Arms”: May 1775 Siege of Boston Muster Roll Listing 29 Lexington Alarm Minutemen –
Including 2 African-Americans & 1 Soldier Killed at Bunker Hill

[REVOLUTIONARY WAR], Partially Printed Document listing 49 soldiers of Capt. Luke Drury’s Company, [ca. May 1775], [probably Cambridge, Massachusetts] [Siege of Boston]. Accomplished by Nathan Morse. 1 sheet, with 13 ruled columns, 4 of which – “Men’s Names.,” “Towns whence they came.,” “Rank.,” and “Time of Inlistment.,” – are accomplished in manuscript; lower margin extended to accommodate the names of the last 4 men. 13¾ x 14¼ in.


This muster roll bears the names of 49 members of Captain Luke Drury’s Company.  At least 29 of these men were Grafton, Massachusetts-area Minutemen who had very recently responded to the Lexington-Concord Alarm April 19-21, 1775, including Fortune Burnee, of African American and Native American heritage, joined by his half-brother, Joseph Anthony, who enlisted on April 29th and died in service.  Revolutionary War documents listing Minutemen and black troops are scarce and desirable, but in addition, this is one of the first printed forms of the American Army, and Samuel Heard who was killed at Bunker Hill the next month, and William Moore, also killed in service that summer, are also listed.  An extremely rare touchstone to the earliest days of the Revolutionary War.

Item #20993.09, $25,000

1775 Revolutionary War Newspaper (SOLD)

[EDMUND BURKE, REVOLUTIONARY WAR], Newspaper. Pennsylvania Evening Post. Philadelphia: Benjamin Towne, May 13, 1775. 4 pp.


Item #20712, SOLD — please inquire about other items

African American Revolutionary War Documents,
Including Caesar Ferrit, Said to Have Fought at Lexington

[AMERICAN REVOLUTION], Archive. Seven Manuscript Documents, Natick, Mass., May 15, 1775. One document (.16) is signed by the town selectmen, listing the disposition and values of eleven guns, 6¼ x 7½ in.; and six smaller corresponding receipts (.17-.22) signed by the recipients. 7 pp. total.


Weapon receipts, bearing signatures of several African American and Native American patriots, remarkably early in the Revolution.

Item #20632.16-.22, $19,000

Charles Sargent Acknowledges Receiving His Pay with an “X,” One Day After Washington Takes Command
of the Continental Army (SOLD)

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Manuscript Document Signed. Cambridge, Mass., July 4, 1775. 1 p.


Item #20632.30, SOLD — please inquire about other items

A Dozen Revolutionary Soldiers Receive
Shoes, Stockings, and Some Shirts

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Manuscript Document. Materiel Receipt [from Samuel Leighton]. n.d., but 1775 or 1776. 1 p.


Item #20632.10, $450

Collection of Documents from Capt. Samuel Leighton’s Service

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Collection of five manuscript documents from the papers of Capt. Samuel Leighton. [New Hampshire and Massachusetts, 1775-1776].


Item #20632.31-.35, $1,000

A New Hampshire and Maine Company in the Siege of Boston

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Manuscript Document, “A Receit For the Mens Wagers For the Month of August 1775,” Signed by 43 officers and soldiers, Cambridge, Mass., September 6, 1775. 1 p., 7 ½ x 12 ¼ in.


A glimpse into the daily life of Captain Samuel Leighton’s troops during the 1775-1776 Siege of Boston. Leighton’s company of volunteers had marched down from Piscataqua, the area around Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine, to Cambridge following the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  This pay receipt has been signed by 43 soldiers from the company’s fifer and drummer to Lieutenant William Fernald. Some men sign for themselves, others left their marks with an X. Among the names are some of the oldest families in Maine and New Hampshire, such as Hanscom, Fernald, Leighton, and Frost.

Item #20632.24, $3,500

A New Hampshire and Maine Company in the Siege of Boston

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Manuscript Document, “Muster Roll of Capt. Samuel Leighton’s Company...,” Cambridge, Mass., September 12, 1775. 1 p.


Listing a company of 46 men; 4 of them deserters.

Item #20632.06, $1,500

Red Wine for an American Officer, 1776

[JAMES LIVINGSTON]. JOHN WINSLOW, Autograph Document Signed as Assistant Paymaster, “Account of Monies Paid Col James Livingston.” September 21, 1775 to February 6, 1776. 1 p., 7⅜ x 4 in.


Item #20784.20, $650

Fourteen Men Receive Coats and Pay (SOLD)

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Manuscript Document Signed by 14 soldiers. Materiel Receipt from Samuel Leighton. Cambridge, Mass., October 28, 1775, 1 p.


Item #20632.12, SOLD — please inquire about other items

A Particularly Large Muster Roll for Captain Leighton’s
New Hampshire and Maine Company at the Siege of Boston

[SIEGE OF BOSTON], Manuscript Document. “Muster Roll of the Company under the Command of Captain Samuel Leighton in Colonel James Scamman’s Regiment to the first of August 1775,” Cambridge, [Mass.], December 1775. 1 p., 30 x 17¾ in.


Item #20632.04, $7,000

Minutemen Pay Scale

[REVOLUTIONARY WAR], Manuscript Document Signed (“Luke Drury Capn”), 1 p, folio, Dorchester, 20 December 1775, pay scale with calculations of pay from one to ten days for Privates, Corporals, 1st and 2nd Lieutenants, Sergeants and the Captain.


Item #20993.10, $2,750
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