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The Seth Kaller Distinction

Seth Kaller is a leading expert in acquiring, authenticating, and appraising American historic documents and artifacts. Kaller has built museum-quality collections for individuals and institutions, as well as legacy collections for philanthropists to donate.

Seth Kaller

Seth Kaller

The Kaller family has long been known for building world-class collections of rare stamps and coins. When Seth held a block of four of the famous upside down airplane stamps in his hands, it was exciting, but by 1988, he chose to focus on historic documents. By 1990, he had already become the largest buyer in the field.

Documents that Seth has handled have since been exhibited at or acquired by The Smithsonian Institution, The National Constitution Center, Atlanta History Center, The Gettysburg National Civil War Museum, the New York Stock Exchange, Mount Vernon, The University of Virginia, Rice University, Yale University, the Skirball Cultural Center, The Kennedy Space Center, The Lincoln Museum, and several Presidential Libraries and National Parks museums, and other notable institutions.

Seth has been interviewed by The New York Times, Forbes Magazine and Lifestyles Magazine, as well as ABC, CBS, CNBC, FOX and Bloomberg Radio. He has published articles on the Declaration of Independence, Clement Moore’s authorship of The Night Before Christmas, and the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment.

Seth has represented the Gilder Lehrman Collection since its inception in 1989. The GLC, now at the New-York Historical Society, is among the most important American document collections ever privately formed. Seth’s acquisitions for GLC include Benjamin Franklin’s signed copy of the U.S. Constitution, George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s letters on the war, religion, slavery, and government, Abraham Lincoln’s “House Divided” Speech manuscript, and Robert E. Lee’s signed farewell order to his troops.

Twenty-six Lincoln- signed copies of the “Authorized Edition” of the Emancipation Proclamation are known to survive. Since 1985, nine have been publicly offered. Seth Kaller has handled eight, including one that sold at Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries on June 26, 2012.

Portraits of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale, Jean-Antoine Houdon’s bust of Thomas Jefferson, and Childe Hassam’s flag painting, “Fourth of July, 1916,” are among the important works of art Kaller has acquired for clients.

Today, Seth works with both private collectors and institutional clients, including museums, libraries, universities and foundations. He is available for private consultations, appraisals and authentications.

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Seth Kaller, Inc. is owned solely by Seth Kaller.

Seth is also affiliated with Kaller’s America Gallery, Inc. and Kaller Historical Documents, Inc., separate corporations owned in partnership with Kaller family members.  

Collecting History

Seth Kaller, Inc. invites you to experience the wonder of owning important historic documents. Our goal is to create a personal connection between you and your favorite historic event, figure, or idea. We specialize in finding rare items, with a particular focus on documents of significant content, which often are available for just a brief time and, once sold, may never come on the market again.

We hope that during your time at our website, you will get a sense of the wide variety of rare manuscripts and documents we are able to offer to our clients.

History You Can Own

Many of the items listed here are unique; we specialize in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. When you are ready for personal involvement with history, please give us a call at 914.289.1776, or by e-mail at

Our Approach

We can handle and coordinate each aspect of the process, from locating single items to building an entire collection. Our clients include individual collectors to corporations, foundations and museums; what each shares is a passion for history.

Museum Quality, Private Ownership

Most people know that markets exist for Impressionist paintings, fine English antiques, or rare coins. However, the field of historic documents has long been quietly dominated by a select few: J.P. Morgan, Henry Huntington, Malcolm Forbes. This is changing as more collectors discover the satisfaction of a personal, unique connection with history.

Start Your Own Collection, or Let Us Build One For You

Seth Kaller is an acknowledged leader in the field of rare manuscripts and historic documents. We have the skill and expertise to locate individual items, or to build a complete personalized collection for you. Whatever your interest, we can create a unique link between you and your inspiration.

Achieve Immortality: Help Your Favorite Museum

Become associated with your favorite museum, library, university or historical society. Important properties can be loaned for exhibition, placed on deposit or donated outright, to insure their survival for generations to come. We can handle all the arrangements for you, including working with tax attorneys and accountants, and coordinating insurance, transit, and proper acknowledgment.

Tax Benefits

We have considerable experience working with attorneys and accountants of clients who donate their collections. Let us help maximize your financial benefit as you promote your love of history.

Gift Certificates

We include an expiration date on our gift certificates, at least 12 months after the purchase. Even if you have an "expired" gift certificate bought at a charity auction, please contact us. We endeavor to make the supporters of charities we also support happy.

Request a Personal List or Catalog

Seth Kaller has built museum quality collections in every category listed on this website, and many others. Tell us about the figures, ideas or events that interest you. We will send you a personalized list of available documents with no obligation. Current offerings include Highlights of History, featuring a unique cross-section of the best historic documents currently available, and Early American Finance, which offers fascinating glimpses into the financing of the Revolution, the genius of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federal Period.