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INV-25876 [NASA] Printed Document. “Mission Rules Summary” Apollo 11 Flight Data File, June 30, 1969. Two leaves, each signed and inscribed: “Flown to the Moon on Apollo XI / Buzz Aldrin / Apollo XI LMP” (Lunar Module Pilot); with Aldrin’s Typed Letter Signed, providing background and authentication. 1969-06-30

NASA’s summary of GO / NO GO points that would determine the safety and success of the historic first moon flight.

According to NASA, Mission Rules “provide flight control personnel with guidelines to expedite the decision-making process… designed to minimize the amount of real-time rationalization when non-nominal situations occur.” Dryly acknowledging the possibility of catastrophic failure, these steps are relevant “if a system failure occurs, and a choice is available.”

The points outlined in this Mission Rules Summary start right after lift-off, and include: TLI (trans lunar insertion) vs EO (Earth orbit flight); Eagle undocking for lunar phase; powered descent; Program 64 (lunar approach protocols developed by Margaret Hamilton’s flight software team); gate to touchdown; ascent from the moon; re-docking with Columbia; and maneuvers resulting in their TEI (trans earth insertion) and safe return.

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