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The Alexander Hamilton Collection

A Show-Stopping Gathering of Highly Important
Original Letters, Documents and Imprints

(or, the Genius, Passions, Foibles and Flaws of our Founding Fathers)

We are pleased to offer a unique collection of original documents that made American history. These documents tell the story of the orphan immigrant founding father who fought for independence, founded our financial system, and fostered a government capable of surviving internal factions and foreign foes.

The Alexander Hamilton Collection contains hundreds of documents from leaders, soldiers, citizens and the press, written when the Revolutionary War and Founding were current events. The Collection includes powerful letters and documents of Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Aaron Burr, among many others.

Highlights include:

  • Hamilton’s documents relating to several duel threats, a habit that did not end well, plus reports on the Hamilton-Burr duel;
  • Hamilton’s greatest love letter to Eliza, laced with sexual innuendo;
  • Hamilton’s letter rallying to defeat Jefferson after Washington declined a third term (his tune changed four years later when his more dangerous nemesis Burr was on the stage);
  • a lock of Hamilton’s hair, preserved in his family for generations;
  • the domain name is included.


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  • 156 page complete catalog;
  • 16 page highlights brochure.


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The collection was assembled by two leading historic document experts, John Reznikoff of University Archives (Westport, CT) and Seth Kaller of Seth Kaller, Inc. (White Plains, NY).