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Washington, D.C.’s Military Governor Grants a Pass
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JOHN H. MARTINDALE. Partially Printed Document Signed. December 15, 1862, Washington, D.C. 1 p., 7¾ x 6 in.

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Wm S. Caesar [?] To Alexandria by boat purpose of business So Explain December fifteenthj (15th) 1862

By Command of Brig Gen. Martindale

Military Governor of District of Washington:

Henry H. Lockwood/Capt & Aide-de-Camp.

Historical Background

John H. Martindale (1815-1881) was a Union brigadier general and Military Governor of Washington, D.C. from November 1862 to May 1864.

Henry H. Lockwood (1814-1899) was a brigadier general who, in December 1863, was in command of the VII Corps, Middle Department, District of the Eastern Shore, part of Washington, D.C.’s larger defense structure.

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