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A New York Soldier’s Affidavit Allowing
a Proxy to Vote in the 1864 Election
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[CIVIL WAR]. Partially Printed Document Signed by James M. Smith, countersigned by J.B. Parmenten, and I. H. Allen. Richmond, Va., October 18, 1864. 1 p., 8 x 12 ½ in. With printed envelop restating affidavit’s claim on the outside.

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In this Soldier’s Power of Attorney, James M. Smith, a soldier in the 169th Regiment, New York Volunteers, authorized Nicholas Weaver to vote on his behalf in Lansingburgh, N.Y., in the 1864 election. Lincoln was running for reelection against his former general, George McClellan, who was widely considered the favorite among his former troops. Instead, Union soldiers such as Smith voted for their commander in chief in great numbers, reelecting Lincoln using proxy voters like Weaver.

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