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Captain Luke Drury’s Company Guards Supplies in Grafton, Massachusetts
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Two years after the Lexington alarm of April 19, 1775, some of Drury’s original company of militiamen remained under his command to guard the town of Grafton, Massachusetts.

[LUKE DRURY]. Manuscript Document Signed by 20 men of Grafton, Mass. May 19, 1777 1 p.

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Complete Transcript

We the subscribers volentarily Engage under Capt, Luke Drury Being appointed by the Committe & Selectmen of Grafton to guard the stores belonging to this State in this Town So Often as he shall Judge Belongs to Our Town untill we shall Recive Further Orders from the Committe & Selectmen of s.d Town Meaning the stores stored in Nicholas Browns store in Grafton

NB Everyman to Cum with arms & ammunition

Compleat Grafton May 1777

Asaph Sherman

Aaron Kimball

Daniel Grout

John Sherman

Benja Goddard

Moses Cutler

Zadock Putnam

Hahum Stone

James Putnam

Thomas Axtell, Jr

Stephen Eagen

Mathw Adams

Elijah Drury

Elijah Brooks

Solomon Brooks

Joseph Ferrygrin

Jonathan Pierce


Elishor Brigham

Henry Prentice            {Committee

Joseph Batcheldr           &

John Sherman             {Selectmen

Benja Goddard           of Graftton

Asaph Sherman


[on verso]

May 19th 1777

2nd Philemon Stacy   monday

Lt Sherman

M.r Garfield

David Haven

Luke Drury Jr} Tusday

Aaron Sherman

Peter Richardshon

Stephen Eagen                   }Wensday

Wm Richardson

M.r Ston[e]

James Putnam             }Thursday

George Smith

John Drury

Elijah Strong

Timothy Johnson         } Fryday

Elijah Brooks

Joel Brooks

Joseph Perry

---tan Peirce                }Saturday

Historical Background

Luke Drury (1734-1811) of Grafton, Massachusetts joined the militia in 1757 during the French and Indian Wars. During the Revolutionary War, he responded to the Lexington Alarm, and later joined Colonel Jonathan Ward’s regiment to fight at Bunker Hill. Drury and his men served in different areas during the war, from as far away as West Point, New York, to closer to home in Grafton, where his company guarded military stores. This list reflects the latter mission, With 17 men signing as part of the company to guard the town, and three men on the “Committee & Selectmen.” Three individuals (Asaph and John Sherman, and Benjamin Goddard) served on both.

The year 1777 began with a victory at Princeton, New Jersey just a few days after Washington defeated Hessian mercenaries at Trenton. Washington then went into winter quarters at Morristown, New Jersey, and there was little activity until the summer campaign season commenced. Not knowing what the future would bring, Drury’s company was determined to hold the town, along with its supplies, should British forces return to Massachusetts after evacuating Boston the previous year. The move would prove unnecessary; most of the fighting would occur in New York, Connecticut, and points south for the remainder of the war.

After the war, Drury became deeply involved in Shays’ Rebellion, a 1786-1787 tax revolt led by farmers in western Massachusetts. The uprising was quashed, and Drury imprisoned as “a person dangerous to the state.” He was eventually released on good behavior.  Drury remained active in state and local politics, serving terms as constable, deputy sheriff, tax collector, assessor, selectman, and state legislator.


Good. Lower left quadrant re-attached. Most of lower right quadrant was lacking but most likely blank and now expertly infilled. Some text missing on verso.

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