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He Invented the Gramophone and the Microphone
(Telephone Transmitter) before Edison
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EMILE BERLINER (1851-1929). Partially Printed Letter Signed. October 28, 1896 to Mr. Levy. 8” x 10”

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To Mr. Levy regarding his ownership of company stock. “…while we are very busy here what I want to say is…your stock is all common and as the preferred stock will pay dividend ahead of the common and as nearly every larger holder has both common and preferred, I will convert 250 of your shares into preferred if you send me the certificate…we have no regular monthly meetings but only ‘special’ so far…hope your exams are well…so are we.”


Accompanied with a scarce early work “THE HISTORY OF THE TELEPHONE” by H. N. Casson; published Chicago 1910 specifically discussing Berliner’s important contributions to the development of the telephone in which it is noted that the very first important improvement “…upon Bell’s invention was making the transmitter in 1877 by Emile Berliner” and that finally the Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled that Berliner and not Edison was the original inventor of the transmitter…[and] the first actually to construct on” with Edison improving on Berliner’s design and model! With bio sketches of Berliner with mention of his experiments with Bells’ newly invented telephone, which he succeeded in refining, and that the Bell Telephone Company immediately purchased the rights to which “...for the first time made the telephone practical for long-distance use.”

Undoubtedly one of the most famous American Jewish inventors. He was also instrumental in 1887 “…in improving Edison’s phonograph by introducing a flat disc instead of a cylinder...which patent was acquired by the Victor Talking Machine Company and served as the basis for the modern gramophone.” He also engaged in aviation experiments and between 1919 and 1926, built three helicopters which he tested in flight himself. These are only a few of his many major contributions.

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