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Ben Gurion Re-examines Biblical Quote on “the Slave and the Handmaiden”: “After you... challenged the point about the equality of the slave and the handmaiden, I reread the chapter...”
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DAVID BEN GURION. Autograph Letter Signed, to Haim Gvaryahu, April 8, 1965. 1 p. 4¾ x 8½ in. In Hebrew. Gvaryahu was chairman of the World Jewish Bible Society.

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Partial Translation

“:…After you commented to me and challenged the point about the equality of the slave and handmaiden, I reread the chapter dealing with this matter, and I see that it is open to different interpretations, and therefore I erased the lines on page 8...beginning with the words ‘And when a man sets his slave or handmaiden free in the seventh year’...I am sorry I cannot participate today in the conference...And it is good that it is being held in Jerusalem...Conferences should be held in different places throughout the country - but it is fitting that the annual conference of the Society be held in Jerusalem…”

David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973) became the first prime minister of Israel on May 14, 1948 when he proclaimed the birth of the independent State of Israel. Prior to 1948, he had been a leader in the pioneering Labor movement and had headed the struggle for Jewish independence in Palestine.  Ben-Gurion resigned from the government in 1953, only to be recalled to serve as defense minister in 1955.  By the end of 1955 he was once again serving as prime minister while maintaining his position in the defense ministry.  He resigned permanently from the Israeli Parliament in 1970.  Ben-Gurion’s ideology was staunchly democratic and he was an ardent Zionist.


Very good. On slightly yellowed lined paper. Strong ink.

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