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Declaration Signer George Ross Settles a Judgment for a Client
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GEORGE ROSS. Autograph Endorsement Signed, on a court judgment. Lancaster County, Pa., February 1755.2/1/1755.

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Complete Endorsement

I appear for the above Def:t & Confess Judgt: to W:m Bowsman the Pltiff for the sum of Fourty five pounds fifteen shillings & four pence Lawfull money at Debt besides Costs of Suit by Gil Divilwith [?]Release of Errors &c.

            Geo: Ross Att:ny for Def.t

            by Spec:l Warr:t

George Ross (1730-1779) passed the bar at age 20 in 1750 and practiced law in Pennsylvania. He was a Crown Prosecutor, and was elected to the Pennsylvania legislature in 1768. He gained sympathy for the colonial cause and joined the Committee of Safety on 1775. He was elected to the Continental Congress in 1776 and signed the Declaration of Independence. In 1779, he was named an Admiralty Judge for the state.  He died later that year. 

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