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Anti-Slavery Broadside: “Comparison of Products, Population, and Resources of the Free And Slave States”
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This chart compares free and slave state output in such areas as the number of schools, newspapers and periodicals, population, slave population, literacy rates, manufacturing, and agricultural output.

[ANTI-SLAVERY]. Broadside, “Comparison of Products, Population, and Resources of the Free And Slave States.” 1861. 14.25 x 22 in., multi-colored, by John Batchelder, printed by Welch, Bigelow, and Co., Cambridge, Mass.

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Historical Background

At the outset of the Civil War, the South was ill-prepared to fight against the industrial North. In everything from population to weapons manufacturing, the North had a decisive advantage. The South’s advantage was in its cotton production, which allowed it to purchase many of its necessary war materials. Still, with greater population, shipping ability, railroads, canals, and capital, this chart graphically displays the disparities between North and South at the war’s outset.


Professionally backed; some scattered losses, none of which affect the text; the largest hole does fall within the right-hand border.  Overall a bright example.

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