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Other Early Republic (1784 - c.1830) Offerings


George Washington’s Inaugural Journey,
Essays on Religious Toleration and Taxes
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Several columns describing the processions through Philadelphia & Trenton and laudatory addresses in his honor, such as: “How different is power when derived from its only just source, viz. The People, from that which is derived from conquest, or hereditary succession !  – The first magistrate of the nations of Europe assume the titles of Gods, and treat their subjects like an inferior race of animals.  Our beloved magistrate delights to show, upon all occasions, that he is a man – and instead of assuming the pomp of master, acts as if he considered himself the Father – the Friend – and the Servant of the People.”  [Washington arrived in NY on April 23 and was inaugurated on April 30].  Also, an essay, ‘On Religious Toleration,’ by the Earl of Chatham.

[GEORGE WASHINGTON]. Gazette of the United States. April 25-29, 1789. New York: John Fenno. Issue # V. 4 pp.

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