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FDR Presidential Salary Check, with His Signed Endorsement (SOLD)
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FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. Printed check signed on endorsement line on verso (“Franklin D. Roosevelt”), Washington, D. C., February 29, 1936. 1 p., with engraving of Treasury Dept. seal at left. A Presidential monthly salary check from FDR’s first term, for $6,250. Notation above Roosevelt’s signature, “Pay to order of Guaranty Trust Co.,” written by FDR’s secretary, Missy LeHand.

Inventory #23808       SOLD — please inquire about other items

FDR salary checks are relatively scarce. According to American Book Prices Current, only four others have come to auction in the last 25 years.

With the clouds of war forming over Europe and the United States still in the grip of the dust bowl and the Great Depression, Roosevelt certainly earned his paychecks that year. The winter Olympics had just started in Nazi Germany, and 150 Catholic Youth leaders were arrested by the Nazis. The Spanish Civil war started in 1936, as did war between China and Japan. Roosevelt’s successes including the completion of the Boulder Dam, and, only weeks before FDR received this check, the first social security checks were sent out to average Americans. In November, voters decided that they wanted to pay him for four more years; he was reelected with an electoral college landslide of 523 to 8.