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Manuscript Eulogy to George Washington by R.I. Senator Theodore Foster, Penned on a Period Newspaper During the Senate Session
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[GEORGE WASHINGTON] THEODORE FOSTER. United States Chronicle, Providence, January 23, 1800. 4 pp., 11½ x 17¾ in. Inscribed: Hon. Theodore Foster, Senator from R.I / Senate Chamber. With autograph manuscript verses by Foster.

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In Foster’s hand in upper right margin is believed to be his own original (and unpublished) elegiac verse:

Mother & nurse of all ye arts Agriculture. Let us now attend to some of those

paternal admonitions contained in his last address.

We have so long been accustomed to consider him as our Bulwark (partly washed out) and counsellor

in times of difficulty, that it is with painful emotions we realize

the awful event of his dissolution

O Washington  Wash

pg.2&3 have much other reporting on the nation mourning Washington’s death.

pg.3 prints extract of the Jan 4. Alexandria letter that reports on the terms of Washington’s will with respect to his slaves.

Theodore Foster (1752-1828) was a lawyer and politician from Rhode Island who served thirteen years in the U.S. Senate. A graduate of Rhode Island College (now Brown University), Foster was an aspiring classicist and sprinkled his letters and speeches with allusions to Greek and Latin writers. His retirement from public life in 1803 was caused primarily by his decision to leave the Federalist Party in 1800, as the Federalists remained the dominant party in New England for the next fifteen years. He later served on the Board of Trustees at Rhode Island College and contributed to the early organization of both the Rhode Island Historical Society and Massachusetts Historical Society.

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