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1860 Republican Party Roll Call from the Chicago Wigwam Convention that Nominated Lincoln for the Presidency
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Exceedingly rare broadside containing a complete list of the members of the National Committee and Delegates. Printing the vote counts of 26 States and the District of Columbia. Representing the southern slave owning states are: Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.

[REPUBLICAN PARTY]. Broadside, “Roll of the National Republican Convention, Chicago, May 16th, 1860,” Chicago, 1860, 14⅜ x 20½ in.

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Historical Background

The 1860 Republican Convention was only the second nominating convention of the newly-formed Republican Party. New York Senator William Seward was the heavy favorite going into the convention, which met May 16 to May 18, 1860, at the “Wigwam,” the campaign’s headquarters. Most delegates thought Seward had the nomination well in hand. Seward led, but did not have a clear majority, in the first two votes, but Lincoln, the dark horse and local favorite, packed the audience with supporters. For insurance, the Illinois chairman seated New York’s delegation far from any swing-state delegates. As votes were tallied on the third ballot, Lincoln remained a few votes shy of the nomination. Chicago Press and Tribune Editor Joseph Medill leaned towards the Ohio delegation, which had backed Salmon P. Chase, and whispered “Swing your votes to Lincoln and your boy can have anything he wants.” The Ohio chairman jumped up and changed his delegation’s votes, delivering the nomination to Lincoln.

Some notable names on the roster include David Wilmot and Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania; John A. Andrew and John S. Keyes from Massachusetts; Gideon Welles of Connecticut; and Horace Greely of New York City, but voting for the newly-created State of Oregon.


Age-toning, water stains (heavier at bottom right), and tears affecting some text.


“The 1860 Republican Convention: Politics Chicago-Style Puts Lincoln Over the Top.”,0,3413059.story

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