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Ulysses S. Grant, The Military Savior of the Union
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[ULYSSES S. GRANT]. Patriotic Milk Glass Vase. Height 6 inches. With a transfer portrait of General Grant in uniform as Major General, with hand-painted decorations over the entire surface. The vase has a bulbous body, sloping shoulder, tapering neck and flared rim. Some observers have remarked that its form and decoration seem to have been influenced by the Orientalist school of art popular in America and Europe in the nineteenth century. Circa 1865 – 1868, possibly for Grant’s presidential campaign.

Inventory #24359       Price: $4,500

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According to Jonathan Mann, editor of The Railsplitter, the three Civil War era patriotic milk glass pieces we have were sold approximately 20 years ago by Rex Stark to Wynn Klintz, a foremost collector who spared no expense in acquiring the best examples of political Americana. This is a prohibitively rare survival in excellent condition.

Milk glass, an opaque white molded glassware, had been around since the sixteenth century. Often, geometric patterns or motifs were molded into each piece. Or, the white surface provided an excellent medium for colorful painted designs, as is the case here.

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