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To Alexander Hamilton About Settlement of Land Disputes, Docketed by Eliza
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[ALEXANDER HAMILTON]. Manuscript note, n.p., n.d. [but ca. 1791], "Communication" sent to Alexander Hamilton, praising attorney Egbert Benson, who was instrumental in negotiating the land claim which New York had made to Vermont. Settling the land dispute was a congressionally mandated prerequisite for Vermont joining the Union as a state of its own, rather than being divided between New York and New Hampshire. Docketed by Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

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Did not Mr. Egbert Benson Esq. act as a commissioner in settling the Vermont claims & - did he not dismember the State of New York of the fertile islands in Lake Champlain, as well as many thousand acres of first quality land in the mainland? And did not the _ act of gratitude present him … a tract in acknowlegment for his  __ is not the town of Benson one of [the] most flourishing towns in that country?

Mr. [loss] has transcribed for Genl Hamilton that paragraph from the Citizen which relates to Judge Benson & sends it to above.”

[Verso: Later file note added by Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, ca 1840s]:

"Note respecting Vermont Judge Benson"


Provenance: Descended in the Hamilton family until acquired by us at Sotheby’s, Alexander Hamilton: An Important Family Archive of Letters and Manuscripts, January 18, 2017.

Condition: Burn holes at center costing text, silked.

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