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Early News that the Honolulu Naval Depot Might be Relocated to California
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In this extremely early English-language letter from San Francisco, the Commander of the Pacific Squadron suggests that the naval stores then at Honolulu might be moved to California.

WILLIAM BRANFORD SHUBRICK. Letter Signed as Commander of the Pacific Squadron, to Thomas H. Stevens. Aboard the U.S.S. Independence, San Francisco, Ca. August 29, 1847. 1 p.,8 x 12 ½ in.

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Shubrick was in San Francisco, just returned from the blockade of Guaymas and Mazatlán. He writes to young Stevens (1819-1896) to send supplies to Monterey and warns that the Naval Depot in the Sandwich Islands will probably be relocated to California.

The career of Shubrick himself is astoundingly accomplished. This is a man who served in the War of 1812 and in the Mexican-American War; he did not retire until the early months of the Civil War. It is fitting that he should also be in San Francisco 2 years before the Gold Rush. He was appointed as Commander of the Pacific Squadron in July of 1847 and it was under his command that operations in the Pacific were successfully concluded.

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