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Alexander Hamilton Signed Note as Secretary of the Treasury (SOLD)
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ALEXANDER HAMILTON. Autograph Note Signed, “A. Hamilton / Secy of the Treasury.” Clipped from a letter close, so no place or date, but circa September 11, 1789 to January 31, 1795.

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Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804). American statesman. Born on the island of Nevis, Hamilton became Washington’s aide-de-camp in 1777. After the war he studied law and became one of the most eminent lawyers in New York. In 1782 he was elected to Congress. In 1786, Hamilton took the leading part in the convention at Annapolis, which prepared the way for the great Constitutional Convention that met at Philadelphia in 1787. In the same year, he conceived the series of essays afterward collected as The Federalist, and wrote 51 of the 85 works himself. Upon the establishment of the new government in 1789, Hamilton was appointed Secretary of the Treasury and restored the country’s finances to a firm footing. In 1795 he resigned his office, but remained the actual leader of the Federalist Party until his death in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. He was at the forefront of political strife between the Federalists and the newly-formed Democratic-Republicans in 1801.