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King George III Approves Appointments and Promotions for Senior Military Officers
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Administering and protecting the far-flung British Empire, the British army was posted throughout the world. Having shrunk to a poorly administered force of some 40,000 men by 1793, the army grew rapidly during the period of the Napoleonic Wars with France, numbering more than 250,000 men in 1813. This list, approved by King George III, posts senior officers in Great Britain, the Caribbean Islands, Malta, and Canada. Many of these men had served in the American Revolutionary War as junior officers and gained promotion for their service there and in Egypt, India, the Netherlands, Italy, the Caribbean, and elsewhere.

GEORGE III. Document Signed “GR” [George Rex], Assignments of Senior Military Officers, ca. 1808. 1 p.

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Complete Transcript

Most Humbly submitted to His Majesty

            That Lieut. Generals Sir George J. Ludlow KB., Sir John Moore K.B.[,] Earl of Cavan and John Whitelocke, be placed on the Staff of the army serving in Great Britain.

            That Colonel Henry Clinton be appointed a Brigadier General.

            That Lieut. General George Beckwith, Major Generals Dalrymple and Maitland be placed on the Staff of the army serving in the <2> Windward and Leeward Charibbea Islands. [added in pencil to left margin:] to be notd to L Genl B. [“O H. C” written over “L Genl B.”]

            That Lieut. General Sir David Baird be placed on the Staff.

            The Lieut General W. A. Villettes be placed on the staff of the Army serving in the Island of Malta. [added in pencil:] to be notd to Genl Sir J H Craig

            That Major General Martin Hunter be placed on the Staff of the army serving in Nova Scotia. [added in pencil:] to be notd to L Gnl Gardiner


                                                                        G R[1]

George III (1738-1820) was the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (united in 1801) from 1760 until his death. Born in London as the grandson of King George II of the House of Hanover, George III was educated by private tutors. His reign included a series of wars with other nations and colonies, from the Seven Years’ War early in his reign through the American Revolutionary War to the Napoleonic Wars of the early nineteenth century. In 1761, he married Princess Charlotte, whom he met on their wedding day, and they had fifteen children. Very popular at the beginning of his reign, he lost the loyalty of many American colonists by the 1770s. Deeply religious, George was appalled by the lack of morals displayed by his brothers. His mental illness became so severe that his son and successor ruled as a regent from 1810 until George III’s death. He was the longest reigning British monarch before Victoria and Elizabeth II.

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[1] For “George Rex (King)”

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