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1841 Anti-Slavery Almanac Including Report on Amistad Case and Illustrations of Cinque, Grabeau, and Covey, and Summary of 1840 Presidential Candidates Pro-slavery Positions
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[AMISTAD]. Pamphlet. The New England Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1841. Boston: J.A. Collins, 1841 [ca. December, 1840]. Original printed and illustrated blue wrappers, stitched. 36pp. 4½ x 7½ in.

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Inside front cover prints “Things for Abolitionists to Do: Speak for the Slave, Write for the slave… Petition for the slave … Work for the slave; Work for the free people of color…” including seeking to establish schools. A Word to Abolition Voters starts below: “Remember, that by voting for a man to fill an office you make him your agent, and if you vote for him knowing that his principles are wrong, when he puts forth those principles in his official acts, those acts are your acts, you are just as guilty as if you had performed them yourself… you become a partner in his sin, and shall be partaker of his plagues. President Van Buren and General Harrison have both publicly taken the side of the oppressor against the oppressed and the God of the oppressed. Both of them glory in it.” (Inside front and back cover)

Excellent content, especially on the Amistad incident, including portraits of Cinque, Grabeau, and interpreter James Covey. “Judge Judson decided that the prisoners were native Africans, had never been slaves legally; he dismissed the libels with costs, and decreed that the Africans should be delivered to the president of the United States, to be sent back to Africa. But our government, on the demand of the Spanish minister, appealed to the Circuit Court… Judge Thompson sustained the appeal, and as one party or the other would appeal to a higher tribunal… it will be decided January, 1841. Thus these FREE MEN are to be kept in an American jail eighteen months, and at last, perhaps, delivered up to the tender mercies of the Spaniards. None of the Africans have died…” (p 22-23).

Abolitionism is- anti-slavery principles ACTED OUT.” (p. 15). Also included are “Hints to Anti-Slavery Debaters;Can Slaves Feel? (p21); Will Slaves, if Emancipated, Cut their Master’s Throats? (21); Slave Holders in a Panic. (28-29)

Ecclesiastical Roll of Infamy” and “Congressional Roll of Infamy,” listing northern Methodist Episcopal Church clergy who voted to prohibit “colored persons to give testimony against white persons,” and Northern congressmen who voted for the Gag Rule, prohibiting Congress from entertaining petitions to abolish slavery in Washington, D.C. (36)

OCLC 166625605 records only two locations: Huntington, Clements. Dumond 83 [this imprint]. Drake 4222. Not in LCP.


Lightly worn, occasional foxing, several corners folded. Very Good.

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