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The U.S.S. Chesapeake Prepares for the Mediterranean, and the Senate Debates Judiciary Establishments

This issue of the Providence Gazette features reports from several debates in the Senate and the House of Representatives, notice from the Boston Franklin Association of printers, reports on a vaccine for smallpox, news of tampered mail, and the printing of an almanac.

[EARLY REPUBLIC]. Newspaper. The Providence Gazette. Providence, R.I., January 30, 1802. 4 pp., 12 x 19 in.

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Dr. Wheaton reports on effective smallpox vaccine: “The sufficiency of the Vaccine…has been so often proved, and rests on such ample testimony, as a plain matter of fact…” (p. 1, col. 1).

Debates in the Senate over judicial establishment: “The judicial powers given to the federal courts were never intended by the Constitution to embrace, exclusively, subjects of litigation, which could with propriety be left with the State courts…” (pp. 1, 2 col. 2, 3.).  A continuation of that debate mentions Vice President Burr presiding: “Burr has this day taken his seat as President of the Senate…” (p. 3, col. 2).

Reports from the House including Dr. Mitchel’s resolution to study “whether any and what alterations are necessary in the laws concerning quarantines…” (p. 2, col. 3, 4). And “That the Secretary of the Treasury be and is hereby directed to lay before the house a list of the exports to the Mediterranean…” (p. 2, col. 3, 4). And “A message was received from the President, inclosing a statement from the Secretary of State of the expenses that would be necessary in carrying into effect the treaty with France…” (p. 2, col. 3, 4).

“The officers of the frigates Chesapeake (Com. Truxton), Constellation and Adams are ordered to repair immediately to the city of Washington & to hold themselves in readiness to sail upon and expedition, it is presumed for the Mediterranean.”  Other news of the day and a wealth of ads including one on p.1 for “Woodstock Academy.” (p. 3)

Notice of the first Anniversary of the Boston Franklin Association of printers, including their toasts and a song: “This Association is composed of Journeymen Printers, who have served regular apprenticeships at their profession…The following are the Toasts…  1. The seventeenth of January—The birth-Day of FRANKLIN…May our memory, like FRANKLIN’s be worthy and blessed!…”  (p. 4, col. 1, 2).

A report via New York on mail being opened: “Sundry letters which have been sent by the mail, from officers of government and others at Washington, have been broken open before they reached their destination…” (p. 3, col. 2).

An advertisement for the new New-England Almanack, published by J. Carter (p. 4, col. 4).


Very good, trimmed close at the top with a loss of a fraction for seven letters. 1” dampstain on pages 1-2. Minor foxing. 

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