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Three Slave Sale Documents from Louisiana, 1846-1857, Including Some across State Lines
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Archive of three official court papers from New Orleans and St. Landry, Louisiana, dealing with the sales of 5 slaves, using the same form as the sale of real estate.  One of the sales transfers slaves from Virginia.

[LOUISIANA SLAVE SALES]. Archive of 3 Partly Printed Documents accomplished in Manuscript, 1846 to 1857, Louisiana, each signed by government official with embossed seals. 8 pp. total plus dockets.

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April 25, 1846, New Orleans. Joseph R. Beard, “one of the members of the firm of Beard Calhoun & Co., of this City…being the agent of Miss Frances J. Archer, of Petersburg…Virginia,” sells for $1,675, to Joseph Biddle Wilkinson, Jr., of the Parish of Plaquemines: Eggelston, about 27 (“has a sore skin”); Burrell, about 24 (“had the hip injured”); and Albert, about 25.  They have been “imported into this State Conformably to Law.” Signed by Joseph Benzaken Marks, Notary Public.  3 pp. plus docket.

February 7, 1857, Parish of St. Landry.  Dr. James Ray sells for $1,200, to Dr. George Hill, Joe or Joseph, about 33, purchased by vendor March 20, 1854, from “Miss Lucinda Ray his sister and inherited by them from their father and mother.”  Signed by Auguste N. Robin, Deputy Recorder.  2 pp. plus docket.

April 28, 1857, New Orleans.  Andrew B. James sells for $1,150, to Auguste Pino and Pierre Leveque, Jake, about 22, purchased by vendor from Alexander McGahey.  Signed by William Shannon, Notary Public.  3 pp. plus docket.

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