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Horace Greeley on Publication of a Letter
by Abolitionist Cassius Clay
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“...take care that every Abolitionist reads this letter this week.”

HORACE GREELEY. Autograph Letter Signed in full and with initials, to Ephraim George Squier [ed. of Hartford Whig Daily Journal], New York, March 26, 1844. 1 p.

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Partial Transcript

“....      I write to you as most likely to be at home; if Mr. Trumbull or Mr. Stuart were sure to be in Hartford I would write to them.  My business is general and important.

            I have just received a Letter from Cassius M. Clay which is calculated to excite a powerful influence on your Election [Henry Clay’s 1844 presidential bid].  You will all publish it of course, but that is not all.  You must have it published instantly in all your Religious and the Abolition journals.  Do not stand for expense but have it published in the Orthodox journals and the Chr. Freemen, with my heading if possible.  Be energetic - be wise.  See our efficient friends instantly, and take care that every Abolitionist reads this letter this week.

                                    Yours,     Horace Greeley

            P.S. I shall speak in New Milford on Thursday afternoon, in Danbury that evening, and in New Haven Friday evening.  If I had any way to be home Sunday morning, I would speak in your place Saturday evening, but that must be given up.  I have a sick wife, a young baby, a very arduous newspaper duty, and an awful correspondence, and must be here Sunday.

With autograph address leaf that includes the message: “In haste / H.G.”

Horace Greeley (1811-1872) was a noted reformer, New York journalist, and editor of the New York Tribune. His main concern was the abolition of slavery. In 1872 he ran unsuccessfully for president against Ulysses S. Grant on both the Democratic and Liberal Republican tickets.

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