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A Rare Broadside Song Sheet Promoting
the Confederate Cause – Issued From Baltimore
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Rare broadside-song sheet blaring “Chivalrous C.S.A!” to the tune of “Vive La Compagnie!”

[DR. NICHOLAS GREENBERRY RIDGELY]. Broadside, “Chivalrous C.S.A!” Baltimore, September 21, 1861. 5 x 9 in., 1 p.

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Partial Transcript

“Chivalrous C.S.A!


I’ll sing you a song of the South’s sunny clime…Like heroes and princes they’ve lived for a while…And routed the Hessians in most gallant style/ Bully for C.S.A!

Chorus. – Chivalrous, chivalrous people are they…Aye in chivalrous C.S.A!

They have a bold leader, Jeff Davis his name…Good generals and soldiers all anxious for fame…At Manassas they met the North in it’s pride,…But they easily put McDowell aside…

Reminders are being to Washington sent…That’ll force Uncle Abe full soon to repent;

Historical Background

Song sheets were a common form of 19th century mass media that reached the apex of popularity on the eve of the Civil War. Baltimore City, the third largest in the country, had been a hotbed of pro-Southern sympathies since the earliest days of the secession crisis. “Chivalrous C.S.A!” speaks plainly about the Union disaster at Bull Run later in July – “At Manassas they met the North in its pride…But they easily put McDowell aside, Bully for C.S.A!” On September 20th, the day before this broadside was circulated, allegedly disloyal members of the Maryland Legislature arrested earlier at Frederick were sent to Fort Lafayette in New York to await the government’s disposition. Published within days of the arrest of the Maryland secessionist legislatures, this strongly worded song is believed to have been written by Dr. Nicholas Greenberry Ridgely.

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