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An Overseer is Guilty of Murdering His Slave
by “Stocks, Starvation and Lashes.”
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A Mississippi inquest holds a slave overseer accountable for killing a slave.

[SLAVERY]. Manuscript Document Signed by George Newman, Edward T. Smith, Sheppard Taylor, Elijah Norman, Hezekiah Kibbee, David Collins, and Daniel Greenleaf. Adams County, Mississippi, December 16, 1821, 1p., 8 5/8 x 12 3/8 in.

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Partial Transcript:

“the sd negro Frank came to his death by inhuman treatment and severe punishment in stocks, starvation and lashes by the order and by the hand of William Wall...and so the sd Wm. Wall did then and there feloniously cause the death of the sd Negro Frank against the peace and dignity of the state, and so we say all.”

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