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Franklin Proclaims,
“Britain has no Right to tax the Colonies…”
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[BENJAMIN FRANKLIN]. Newspaper, The Pennsylvania Chronicle. Philadelphia: William Goddard, February 6, 1769. 8 pp. (pp. 9-16), 10 x 12.5 in.

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The entire front page prints a letter concerning comments on a speech by the King of England, most of it relating to America and the troubling situation there. One paragraph begins: “For my own part, I confess, with regard to A[meri]ca, I see no necessity for such violent measures as have been taken...” and another paragraph: “The present state of the colonies is the most momentous subject ever under the consideration of this, the most illustrious assembly upon earth...” [p. 9-10]

Advertisment for John Dunlap’s printing of Sermons to Asses, “supposed to be written by the ingenious Dr. Franklin,” but today attributed to James Murray. [p. 11]

From the Public Advertiser, appears a letter of October 11, [1768] from Francis Lynn of Boston, Massachusetts in reply to a letter by Thomas Crowley of London: “...You speak of us as a people unreasonable enough to expect protection from Britain without contributing towards the expence, which is far from being the case.... You speak of our ‘dangerous and vain expectations of becoming independent,’ and say that ‘certainly there are such among us.” “You bring an account against us if Eighty Millions, which you say this nation has run in debt by a war commenced for our protection…” [p. 12]

An item from Boston reads: “The reports of the removal of some of the Governors in North America, has subsided; and we hear his Excellency the Governor of this province has received the fullest assurances of the royal approbation of his conduct.” [p. 15]

A noteworthy extract from London letter reads: “...Doctor Franklin is indefatigable in his Endeavours to serve his Country. I heard him say, a few days ago, in a large Company, ‘Britain has no Right to tax the Colonies, and never had any such Right, and I trust never will have it.’ Be not alarmed if you should hear of Military Preparations, to enforce the late duties that have been imposed on you.” [p. 15] Column 2

And another: “Dr. Franklin is very well, and very busy. You do not see him this year. Indeed it is better for you that he is where he is.” [p. 15]

The handsome masthead features an engraving of the Pennsylvania coat-of-arms.


Wear at edges with loss at the top of the front leaf affecting about 5 words on page 2, loss filled by a professional paper conservator; dampstaining to upper portion of the issue.