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President Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
Reported by Harper’s
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“until every drop of blood drawn by the lash shall be paid with another drawn with the sword.”

[ABRAHAM LINCOLN]. Newspaper. Harper’s Weekly, New York, N.Y., March 18, 1865. 16 pp., 11¼ x 16 in.

Inventory #H 3-18-1865       SOLD — please inquire about other items

The front page shows President Lincoln taking the oath of office at his second inauguration. Includes an editorial supporting Lincoln’s second inaugural address, as well as the speech’s complete text on page 163 (this issue’s third page); an account General Gilmore’s visit to Fort Sumter; and an image of the “55th  Mass. Colored Regiment Singing John Brown’s March in Streets of Charleston.” The full centerfold illustration shows President Lincoln’s second inauguration on the steps of the Capitol building. Also, illustrations of Generals Potter and Dahlgren landing troops at Bull’s Bay, South Carolina; rebel General Ewell’s headquarters; and exchanging prisoners at Aiken’s Landing.