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Charging Aaron Burr with Hamilton’s Murder
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“A bill has been found in New-Jersey, against MR. BURR, for the murder of GEN.  HAMILTON.—Nevertheless he will take his seat in Congress.”

[ALEXANDER HAMILTON]. Newspaper. Columbian Centinel, Boston, Mass, November 7, 1804. 4 pp., 13 x 19¾ in. Loss (roughly 2 x ¾ in.) on pp. 3-4 professionally filled, still, some small text lacking.

Inventory #30000.55       Price: $500

This brief mention of the Burr-Hamilton duel is among a number of announcements in this early national newspaper.

Also includes:

  • A piece on the efficacy of the small pox vaccine and the obstinacy of those who refuse to see its benefits;
  • A 1787 letter from Thomas Jefferson, then minister to France, arguing that the presidential term should have been limited in the Constitution to a single term (Jefferson was running for re-election);
  • President Jefferson’s guarantee to the Ursuline Sisters of New Orleans that their property would be protected under the U.S. Constitution following the Louisiana Purchase;
  • A notice that the “Louisiana Remonstrants” had arrived in New York on their way to Washington to protest the territorial government under William C.C. Claiborne and the Congressional organization of the recently-acquired territory;
  • and the usual advertisements.


*This item is also being offered in part II of The Alexander Hamilton Collection

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