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New Jersey’s, “Poor Man’s Counselor” Dockets a Judgment (SOLD)
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ABRAHAM CLARK. Document Signed. Judgment in a civil suit. Docketed by Clark on verso. 1 p., 7½ x 5½ in. Lacking 1/4 of leaf and manuscript, edge chipping.

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Jospeh Getz is awarded damages from John McForson [?] in the New Jersey Court of Common Pleas.

Abraham Clark (1726-1794) was one of New Jersey’s five signers of the Declaration of Independence. Prior to the Revolution he practiced law and gained a reputation as “the poor man’s counselor” by defending those who could not afford attorneys. He served on the Committee of Public Safety and was part of the New Jersey delegation to the Continental Congress. Clark was later elected to the House of Representatives.

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