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July 1776 Continental Army Revolutionary War Muster Roll
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A 1776 muster roll enlisting Massachusetts men in the Continental Army, beginning just five days after the Declaration of Independence. Some of the 21 men signing had served at Lexington and Concord.

[REVOLUTIONARY WAR]. Partially Printed Document Signed. [Massachusetts], July [1776], with signatures added through September. 1 p., 8 x 13⅛ in.

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We the Subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the Service of the Massachusetts State, to continue in Service till the first Day of January next, unless sooner dismissed: And each of us do engage to provide ourselves with a good Fire Arm and Bayonet, Cartridge Box, Knapsack and Blanket, a Wooden Bottle or Canteen, and to do Duty in Either of the New England States: And we engage faithfully to obey such Orders as we shall receive from Time to Time from the Officers that are or shall be appointed over us, and to be subject to such Regulations as are provided for the Continental Army.        Dated this        9          Day


Uriel Whitney     July 9

David Jenkins Do

Daniel Willard Do

  • William Kemp 22
  • Moses Chase 22
  • Thomas Tarbell 23
  • Henry Swan 23
  • Oliver Farnsworth 27
  • Moses Ames 28

Thomas Nichols 28

John Trowbridge 28

Joseph Frost

Amos ames Junr 29


Lemuel Parker Jun   8

Ephrm: Russell  19

Abel his X mark Laken 20

Lemuel Parker                        Sept 1

Jonathan Tarbell         1

Simeon Nutting

Valintine his X Mark Whitman

William Hall. Jr

John Westcut

Historical Background

This muster roll enlisted men from the area around Groton, Massachusetts. Each was required to provide the basics of personal battlefield supplies such as firearms and ammunition, and a canteen. This printed document enlisted a company for at least six months. Some of the men listed, including Jenkins, Kemp, and Russell, had responded to the Lexington alarm on April 19, 1775.

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