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Inspired by History

Press Coverage

Print & Web Publications February 10, 2020. “How Georgia received what MLK later called a ‘promissory note’ of freedom,” by David Pendered. 

Antiques and the Arts Weekly. February 4, 2020. “Weathervanes, Hancock Manuscript Lead For Sotheby’s,” by Lita Solis Cohen. 13, 2019. “Christmas Was Invented in New York,” by Justin Fox.

Scarsdale Inquirer. March 15, 2019. “Kaller’s collection a microcosm of history,” by Catherine Ferris.

Greenwich Time. March 8, 2019. “Ephemera Fair in Old Greenwich opens the book on the past,” by Robert Marchant.

Washington Post. February 18, 2018. “A rare copy of the Declaration of Independence survived the Civil War hidden behind wallpaper. Later it was tossed in a box,” by Michael Ruane. 9, 2017. “Read a Rare Alexander Hamilton Love Letter to Elizabeth Schuyler,” by Olivia B. Waxman. March 9, 2017. “Collection of Alexander Hamilton’s Documents Can Now Be Viewed Online,” by Brigit Katz.

Los Angeles Times.August 19, 2016. “Huntington Library sets out to decode thousands of Civil War telegrams hidden for a century: ‘It’s mind-boggling,’”by Jeffrey Fleishman.

Wall Street Journal.October 28, 2014. “On the Road with 200 Years of American History,” by Hilary Potkewitz.

Westchester Magazine. October 2012. “Auctioning Abe,” by Ali-Jackson-Jolley.

New York Times. Dealbook. June 27, 2012. “Rubenstein Buys a Copy of the Emancipation Proclamation for $2 Million,” by William Alden.

Associated Press. June 19, 2012. Emancipation Proclamation fetches $2.1 million at auction,” by Verena Dobnik.

Scarsdale Magazine.December, 2006. “Ho, Ho, Hoax: Did Clement Clarke Moore rip off ‘The Night Before Christmas’? Scarsdale rare-document sleuth Seth Kaller says he’s finally solved the mystery of the poem’s authorship,” by Ted Mann.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution.December 26, 2005. “History Center Acquires Union General’s Papers,” by David Pendered.

The Journal News.December 23, 2005. “’Twas the dealer who got the poem,” by Candice Ferrette.

Westchester County Business Journal. May 2, 2005. “Historic Buys,” by Bob Rozycki.

The New York Times.February 20, 2005. “Collecting Wisdom,” by Debra West.

The Journal News. January 16, 2005. “Rare Emancipation Proclamation copy to be displayed,” by Michael Meaney.

The Journal News. January 18, 2005. “Crowd Fills store to view Lincoln’s historic jewel,” by Hema Easley. December 14, 2000. Dealer pays half-million for Jefferson Manuscripts.”

Lifestyles Magazine.Summer 1997. Collector’s Profile, “Seth Kaller, History Comes Alive.”

Architectural Digest.December 1996. “Letter Perfect.” Reports on opening of Kaller’s America Gallery. [We now concentrate on private and museum building, sans retail location].

Wall Street Journal.November 14, 1996. “Ticker Tape Sold for Day of Kennedy Assassination.” Related article in Newsday, November 13, 1996.

Antiques and The Arts Weekly. July 26, 1996. “Kaller Historical Documents cast the winning bid of $100,000 for the two-page Lincoln letter censoring Horace Greeley.”

The Guinness Book of Records,1993 -1995. “On 16 Dec 1992, a Lincoln manuscript was sold for $1.54 million. The one-page script was written [in 1857 or 1858] in preparation for a speech. It is the first surviving formulation of his ‘house divided’ doctrine…Bought by Seth Kaller of Kaller Historical Documents.”

Harvard Magazine.Vol. 96, No. 4, March-April 1994. Lincoln’s advice to his son Robert’s friend, upon being rejected from Harvard.

Art & Antiques.January 1994. “Lincoln’s Letter.” $728,500 Lincoln letter from Christie’s.

Robb Report. April 1993. Signature Status: Collecting Autographs.

The Washington Post.June 13, 1991. Regarding the Declaration of Independence, “Seth Kaller of Kaller Historical Documents was the tenacious underbidder at $2.125 million…Kaller was successful buying Dwight D. Eisenhower’s autographed cable declaring, ‘The mission of this Allied Force was fulfilled at 0214, local time, May 7th, 1945…’” [Yes, the Dunlap Declaration that Kaller bought two years later. And sold back too quickly. And bid $8.1 million for in Art & Antiques, America’s Top 100 Collectors, A Special Issue.March 1993. Calling the Gilder Lehrman Collection “the leading archive of American historical manuscripts in private hands.” (The article doesn’t mention me, but we were the exclusive agent from the start of the collection. Amazing that it was already being acknowledged as the best after less than 3 years!)


TV & Video

CBS 11/Dallas Fort Worth. April 2, 2019. “Encore! Tony Award-Winning Play ‘Hamilton’ Debuts, Showcasing Centuries-Old Love Letter,” by Matt Yurus.

C-Span. June 23, 2015. Textual Tradition and the Declaration of Independence.Panel discussion about the text of the Declaration of Independence and how it reflects the time it was written. August 5, 2014. Interview by the Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association.

MSNBC, July 2, 2006. Showing the Pennsylvania Magazine, July 2 Declaration of Independence, Tyler Declaration, and Washington letter.

C-Span. April17, 2004. Antiquarian Book Fair Interview.I was interviewed regarding a number of Civil War-era documents and artifacts.

C-Span. October8, 2001. Portions of the auction of 18 rare books were shown, including a world auction record set for a work by William Shakespeare.



WGBH News Boston. November 17, 2014. “What Makes A ‘Rare Book’ Rare?” byAbbie Ruzicka.

WNYC and PRI. The Takeway, July 4, 2013. “Rare Printing of the Declaration of Independence Sold” interview by John Hockenberry.