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Apollo 11 “Mission Rules Summary” Flown to the Moon by Buzz Aldrin

NASA’s summary of GO / NO GO points that would determine the safety and success of the historic first moon flight.

According to NASA, Mission Rules “provide flight control personnel with guidelines to expedite the decision-making process… designed to minimize the amount of real-time rationalization when non-nominal situations occur.” Dryly acknowledging the possibility of catastrophic failure, these steps are relevant “if a system failure occurs, and a choice is available.”

The points outlined in this Mission Rules Summary start right after lift-off, and include: TLI (trans lunar insertion) vs EO (Earth orbit flight); Eagle undocking for lunar phase; powered descent; Program 64 (lunar approach protocols developed by Margaret Hamilton’s flight software team); gate to touchdown; ascent from the moon; re-docking with Columbia; and maneuvers resulting in their TEI (trans earth insertion) and safe return.

*Annotations in red added by SKI*

[NASA]. Printed Document. “Mission Rules Summary” Apollo 11 Flight Data File, June 30, 1969. Two leaves, each signed and inscribed: “Flown to the Moon on Apollo XI / Buzz Aldrin / Apollo XI LMP” (Lunar Module Pilot); with Aldrin’s Typed Letter Signed, providing background and authentication. Inventory #25876

Paul Revere’s Iconic Boston Massacre Print

Revere’s print quickly became one of the most successful examples of political propaganda of all time. The depiction of the event, and a poem printed below, vilify the British Army and list the first casualties of the American Revolution: “Unhappy Boston! see thy Sons deplore, Thy hallow’d Walks besmear’d with guiltless Gore...The unhappy Sufferers were Mess[ieur]s Saml Gray, Saml Maverick, Jams Caldwell, Crispus Attucks & Pat[ric]K Carr Killed. Six wounded; two of them (Christr Monk & John Clark) Mortally...” Rushed into print less than a month after the event, Revere’s print helped unite the colonists and, in American minds, cast the British as aggressive oppressors— making rebellion easier to justify.

PAUL REVERE. Engraving. “The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King-Street Boston on March 5th 1770 by a party of the 29th Reg.” Printed by Edes & Gill, Boston, Mass., 1770. First edition, second state (clock showing 10:20), original hand coloring. 1 p., LVG watermark, 9⅝ x 12 in. Inventory #25697

History You Can Own

We can help you enjoy an inspirational connection to your favorite historic figure, event, or idea.

Important documents and artifacts can be loaned, placed on deposit, or donated to ensure their survival for generations to come. Seth Kaller, Inc. can coordinate all aspects of collection-building, including acquisition, authentication, appraisal, conservation, framing, insurance, and recognition for your family, your company, or your foundation.

Items presented here are drawn from our broad inventory. We have many more original documents and collections, ranging from $100 to millions of dollars, please contact us if you have specific interests.

Authenticity Guaranteed

We unconditionally guarantee the authenticity of our documents. We verify authenticity through our own expertise and archival research, as well as in consultation with independent experts and institutions. Client references furnished on request.

Seth Kaller is a leading expert in acquiring, authenticating, and appraising rare historic documents and artifacts. Kaller has built museum-quality collections for individuals and institutions, as well as legacy collections for philanthropists to donate. He has handled important manuscripts, documents and rare books relating to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution; leaves from George Washington’s draft of his inaugural address; Abraham Lincoln’s “House Divided” manuscript and signed copies of the Thirteenth Amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation; and Robert E. Lee’s farewell to his troops.

We are members of the Professional Autograph Dealers Association (PADA), Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America (ABAA) and the Manuscript Society.

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