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Union Soldier Hopes the Draft Will Replenish His Devastated Regiment

L. A. GRAHAM, Autograph Letter Signed, on patriotic letterhead, to his sister, August 18, 1862, Paterson’s Park Hospital, Baltimore, 3 pp.


i think that I shal go to my rigment in a weak or to they hant but 73 men left in my rigment so the paper says so that i dont no as i could find them if i should try to....i am glad they are a goen to draft so they will be apt to get som of them that is a fraid they will half to sleap on the ground

Item #21265.29, $150

Battling Mosquitoes and Confederates at the Mouth of Charleston Harbor

CHARLES BRANT, Autograph Letter Signed, October 11, 1863, Folly Island, 3 pp. large 8vo.


“[I am] still alive and hearty although the mosquitoes have half eaten me. Charleston is not yet taken!!!

Item #21265.28, $200

Evacuating Elizabeth City and Leaving Nothing for the Rebels, to the Dismay of Freedpeople and Unionists

THOMAS BOURNE, Autograph Letter Signed, April 18, 1863, Elizabeth City, [North Carolina]. 2 pp., 8vo.


this place is to be evacuated all the troops and the gunboats leave with us there is a general move of the darkeys they all want to go with us they do not dare to stay here after we leave for fear of the guerrillas I believe we are to take every thing with us that can be of use to the rebs

Item #21265.25, $300

On the Lookout for Joseph Wheeler’s Johneys as Sherman Closes on Atlanta

WILLIAM HELSLEY, Autograph Letter Signed, August 29, [1864], Chattanooga, Tennessee, 3 pp. 8vo.


a scout came in and told us that old Wheeler had crossed the river above with three thousand and was comming down to burn the Bridge and we went to work and built some works to protect us and keep the devils at bay and hold them untill we got reinforced and then we put out pickets and I went out about one mile and was out all night and looked for the Johneys but we looked in vain

Item #21265.24, $200

God, Prayer, and Heavy Ordnance Will Help 10th Connecticut Take Charleston

BENJAMIN WRIGHT, Autograph Letter Signed, to his wife Abbie, August 2, 1863, Morris Island, S.C., 4 pp.


I think Charleston must fall this time but we need something beside men and heavy ordinance. we need the help of God if we go forth in his name and strength, he will lead us to victory.

Item #21265.23, $275

Union Soldier’s Letter to his Cousin from Embattled Washington

GEORGE BOWERS, Autograph Letter Signed, September 10, 1861, Washington, D.C. 3 pp., on patriotic stationery; with partial patriotic cover from Birney’s Regiment.


Item #21265.21, $250

One of Five Brothers in the Union Army Sees His Duty

AUSTIN LAMPREY, Autograph Letter Signed, to his mother, Bridget P. Lamprey, December 16, 1864, McClellan Hospital, Hampton, Virginia. 4 pp., 8vo. with envelope.


Some one has got to do this Work I might as Well do it as any one els but just as they think not as I care I Stood it two years in the feld most I gess I can Stand Nine months more…

Item #21265.20, $250

Kentucky Union Soldier Complains of Sharing Rations with Suspected Rebels

LEWIS F. HOPKINS, Autograph Letter Signed, to his parents Thomas and Matilda Hopkins, April 18, 1864, Camp Point Burnside, Kentucky, 4 pp.


the Majority of them are rebbels from the fact the most of them are from Tennessee…I had rather send some of them back to their goodly land dixey than to see them comeing over to Ky. We allreddy had too many of them in our country, readdy to do us all the ingery that is in their power, at the same time pretending to be a better Union man than you or I

Item #21265.19, $175

Union Messenger Describes Battle of Fredericksburg

UNION SOLDIER, Fragment of Autograph Letter, December 6-16, 1862, 3 pp.


I had to ride among the flying of Shells and Balls…

Item #21265.18, $175

Unusual Caricatures of Southern Aristocrats by Union Soldier on Letter to Parents

SAMUEL HYDE, Fragment of an Autograph Letter Signed, to his parents, no date [1861-1865], with his drawing of a “Suthern lady.” 2 pp.


…the woods was ful of ded rebs

Item #21265.17, $225

Letter Offers First Impressions of Service from a Young Carpenter from Massachusetts

JOSEPH W. MARDEN, Autograph Letter Signed, to his parents, George and Sarah Marden, July 28, 1861, Sandy Hook, Maryland. 4 pp.


…the troops here expect an atact here every day; the enemy are within 6 miles of here with a large force.

Item #21265.15, $125

Union Soldier Tells His Wife of the Rebel Attack on New Bern, North Carolina

HENRY PICKFORD, Fragment of Autograph Letter Signed, to his wife Sarah Pickford, c. March 1863. 2 pp.


we had quite an excitement in Newbern about a week ago the rebels made three or four attacks on the City and were finally repulsed we lost one man on board of one of the Gunboats that is all

Item #21265.13, $140

New York Soldier Tells His Sister They Plan to Finish the War Soon

RICHARD SLADE, Autograph Letter Signed, to his sister Mary A. Slade, March 10, 1865, 3 pp.


Those four legged Grey backs have about played out but there is a plenty of two legged ones here yet....We are going to try & Cleanse out these Johneys this summer & come home next winter

Item #21265.11, $150

Northern Seaman in Aftermath of Sherman’s Capture of Savannah

SEAMAN, Autograph Letter Signed, “Lallie” to “My dear Abby,” January 14-16, 1865, Wilmington River, Georgia. 5 pp.


Item #21265.09, $150

“The body of your son cannot be moved until cold weather sets in…”

EDWARD SCHWARTZ, Autograph Letter Signed, to “Mr. Tilty.” September 10, 1863, 8 x 10 in. rag paper, 1 p.


Item #21265.04, $75

Great Union Soldier’s Letter about Sherman’s “Retreat on Savannah”

JOHN B. COOPER, Autograph Letter Signed, to his wife Mary Cooper. Fort Alexander Hays, VA, December 21, 1864, 3 pp.


Item #21265.02, $300

A Late-War Draft in New Orleans

[NOTICE OF DRAFT], Partially Printed Document Signed by G. W. Richardson as assistant commissary of musters. Notice of Draft to William S. G. Green. New Orleans, Louisiana, April 12, 1865. 1 p.; with envelope addressed to Green at 467 Tchoupitoulas Street.


Item #21264.11, $175

Keeping Track of Oats, Pencils, and Hammers in the Union Army

[22nd MASSACHUSETTS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY], Partially Printed Document Signed by William H. Steele as acting regimental quartermaster. Monthly Return of Quartermaster’s Stores. City Point, Virginia, September 30, 1864. 8 pp.


Item #21264.10, $75

Five Days of Forage for Artillery Horses at Harpers Ferry

[1st OHIO LIGHT ARTILLERY], Partially Printed Document Signed by Frederick Dorries and Franklin C. Gibbs; approved and signed by Col. Edgar M. Gregory. Requisition for Forage. Harpers Ferry, Virginia, October 15, 1862. 1 p., 10 x 8 in.


Item #21264.09, $75

A Pass to Travel Around Baltimore for a Relief Worker as Lee Invaded Pennsylvania

[CIVIL WAR], Partially Printed Document Signed, July 1, 1863. Pass for Elizabeth M. Streeter, from Major General Scheck’s command. 7¼ x 3¼ in. On 8th Army letterhead, with patriotic engraving of “Columbia.”


Item #21264.04, $200
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