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INV-26020 JOSEPH STORY Autograph Letter Signed, to Alexander J. Dallas, December 13, 1814, Salem, Massachusetts. 16 pp., 7⅞ x 9⅞ in. 1814-12-13

One of the most important letters we have ever seen of a Supreme Court Justice writing in detail about his plans that would affect political policy and the power and relationship of the courts vis-à-vis the other two branches of government.

I would give to the courts of the U.S. the whole jurisdiction of the Constitution....  Even in respect to your taxes…  If difficulties arise in the collection or exposition of these acts, with few exceptions, those causes must be exclusively tried in the state courts. Are the state courts the only proper tribunals to be entrusted with the execution of the laws of the U.S.?”…

“If Congress will be so far beyond state jealousy & prejudice as to pass the Bill respecting the Judiciary now before them, almost all the practical difficulties on this subject will cease, and this alone will greatly aid in suppressing conspiracies & misdemeanors ag’t the U.S.

What I chiefly wish now to bring into consideration are measures adopted to secure the permanence of the Union under the existing constitution & to counteract the almost over whelming influence of the great states. And this as I have before observed can only be done by great public institutions & by spreading the arms of the U.S. over every legitimate object of patronage & constitutional authority.

In a free Govt like ours it is essential the public opinion should be enlightened on all public & political topics. If the Govt. do not defend itself; it will find few defenders elsewhere.... It cannot"

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