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Return for Lt. John Hicks’s Company at West Point
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[WEST POINT]. Manuscript Document Signed (John Hicks Lt), West Point, N.Y, December 3, 1781, 1 p. “A Return of Lt. Hicks Comp” listing the names of 38 men; missing lower right corner professionally restored. Verso: notation “Rye Brooks,” possibly the day’s password.

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The towns below have been supplied by us, from information in Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors:

Sgt. Isaac Tomkins, Dartmouth.

Sgt. Daniel Harris, Bolton.

Sgt. America Hamblin, Harvard.

Cpl. Paul Brownell, Dartmouth.

Cpl. Levi Preist, Sterling.

Sew Cornell [?Jerathmeel Cornel, Dartmouth]

Samuel Potter, Dartmouth.

Joseph Bennet, Dartmouth.

Seth Jenne, Dartmouth.

Simsons/Simeon White, Freetown.

Garner Reed/Gardner Read, Freetown.

Joseph Howland, Freetown.

Job Reed, Taunton.

Benjamin Hathaway, Taunton.

Nathaniel Hathaway, Berkley.

Peter Hathaway, Berkley.

Zebedee Briggs, Berkley.

Henry Andrews, Taunton.

Elijah Briggs, Berkley.

Eli Perce, Taunton.

Joel Briggs.

Aaron Willard, Sterling.

Rufus Moor, Bolton.

Simeon Conant, Harvard/Grafton.

Benjamin Warner, Harvard.

Matthew Artherton, Bolton.

Jonathan Whiliam [Williams?]

Ebenezer King Harris, Sterling.

Jonathan Barret, Bolton.

Jacob Fairbanks, Harvard.

Jonathan Hutchins, Harvard.

Enoch Roper, Sterling.

Jacob Kilburn, Sterling.

Reuben Ross, Sterling.

Jonathan Jewell, Stow.

Levi White, Lancaster.

Jenkins White, Freetown.

Col. Luke Drury (1734-1811) of Grafton, Massachusetts joined the militia in 1757 during the French and Indian Wars.  As captain of a company of Minutemen and Militamen, he responded to the Lexington Alarm, and later joined Colonel Jonathan Ward’s regiment to fight at Bunker Hill.  Drury and his men served in different areas during the war, from West Point to Grafton, where his company guarded military stores.  He also supported the Continentals financially, at one point giving £50 fifty pounds to enlist soldiers in Grafton.

In 1786-1787, Drury became deeply involved in Shays’ Rebellion, a tax revolt led by farmers in western Massachusetts. The uprising was quashed, and Drury imprisoned as “a person dangerous to the state.”  He was eventually released on good behavior.  Drury remained active in state and local politics, serving terms as constable, deputy sheriff, tax collector, assessor, selectman, and state legislator.


Turner, Jacob. “Luke Drury.” Genealogy of the Descendants of Humphrey Turner. Boston: 1852.  pp. 59-60.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors:

Lt. John Hicks. Capt. Daniel Drake’s co., Col. Luke Drury’s (Bristol Co.) regt.; marched from home Aug. 27, 1781; arrived at camp Sept. 8, 1781; discharged Dec. 6, 1781; arrived home Dec. 17, 1781; service, 3 mos. 20 days; mileage to camp (200 miles) allowed; company raised for 3 months and marched to North river.

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