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Supporting “Hebrew” Soldiers’ Refusal
to Wear British Army Palestinian Insignia during WWII
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The “struggle for the flag and symbol” in the British army.

[JEWISH BRIGADE]. Broadside. Palestine, 1943. By “National People.” 1 p. 9 ¼ x 13⅝ in., in Hebrew.

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Partial Translation

These volunteer soldiers...refused to wear this insignia which was given to tens of thousands of Hebrew soldiers as well as a tiny group of Arabs, already deserted...They wish to fight Germany as proud Hebrews rather than anonymous Palestinians.... important message was delivered. The Youth of Israel will have to continue the struggle to banish its...anonymity...Recognize Hebrew Army!...

Historical Background

As part of the British Army, several Jewish battalions were issued “Palestine” cloth insignia for their uniforms. In 1943, some 69 Beitar and Irgun members of the regiment refused to wear the non-Zionist emblem and were court-martialed and sentenced to two months hard labor. The Jewish Brigade Group distinguished itself for its actions in Europe and North Africa during the war.

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