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Clothing the 1st Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War
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COMPANY D, 1st VERMONT CAVALRY. [CIVIL WAR]. Manuscript Document Signed, June 1862: List of clothing distributed to 54 men, including 25 caps, 24 blouses, 50 trousers, 66 flannel shirts, 15 drawers, 19 bootees, 69 stockings, and 3 blankets. Each row signed by the soldier who received the items. 1 p., 15½ x 23¾ in.

Inventory #23879.02       Price: $750

We the undersigned Non Commissioned Officers Artificers Musicians & Privates of Company ‘D’ 1st Vt Cavalry do acknowledge to have received of Capt. A. W. Preston the articles of Clothing set oposite our respective names


Soldiers included:

Jacob Trussell

Harrison B. Michell

Josiah H. Moore

George P. Blair

George C. C. Clemment

Horace Ide

Barney Decker

George A. Austin

Dan Adams

Harvey Bickford

William Buck

B. H. Bard

Bartlett S. Bard

John A. Beaton

George F. Bennett

Austin A. Bailey

C. W. Clifford

Ansen L. Chandler

Loren Chase Jr.

Antipas H. Curtis (signed with mark)

Milo J. Corliss

Consealer F. Durlam

John S. Coombs

James Davis

John C. Gracy

Joseph W. Gordon (Died)

Patrick C. Gilligan

Rodney Eames

James Esdon

Samuel L. Higgins

Orin S. Hendrick

Azro H. Kinerson

Harvey A. Marckres

Arthur Murray

John Morse

Henry A. Moore

Kyron Morrill

Warren Norris

Elijah C. Page

Francis Rowell

L. S. F. Reed

Curtis L. Stacy

Edwin W. Southworth

Martin V. B. Vance

John Woodard

William Woodard

John Woodbury

Fernal H. Webber

William Wheaton

Mark M. Wheeler

James Wright

Darwin J. Wright

J. Hale Powers

Charles Knapp

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