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Early Electricity and Telephone Documents of Inventor George C. Maynard
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George C. Maynard (1839-1918) was a telegraph operator who worked for the U.S. Army Telegraph Service during the Civil War. He later worked for the U.S. Signal Service and the fledgling telephone industry. He documented the growing telecommunications industry as curator at the National Museum (now the Arts and Industries Building at the Smithsonian Institution) in Washington, D.C. He was also Superintendent of the first telephone company in the District. This collection documents the growth of the telephone and related businesses in the cities and towns of the United States, along with some observations on the Civil War, home and family life, donations to the Smithsonian.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Archive. Journals, notebooks, notes, and related papers regarding the spread of telephone communications in the late 19th century. Nineteen items.

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GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Record of Documents. West Virginia and Washington, D.C., October 25, 1883-June 30, 1887. 44 pp. 8 x 10½ in.       
Journal containing a record of documents pertaining to the founding of the National Electric Company, including the Certificate of Incorporation(p. 7-8), company by-laws (p. 13-17), the form of a stock certificate (p.18-19). The documents span the first thirty six pages of the book, as well as pages 100-107. Condition: Spine has begun to separate.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Notebook. Various cities in the U.S.1879-1882. 23 pp. 3½ x 6 in.
The notebook contains many notes regarding electricity and telephones in various cities around the United States. Many notes refer to businesses related to these industries. “Think WU Co [Western Union] getting stronger and Bell Co. weaker judging by activity of WU in local Co...” Condition: Many loose pages, poor.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Journal. Washington D.C. April 13, 1874-September 30-1875. 40 pp. 6 x 7¼ in.
This book includes information on the location and composition of lightning rods around Washington D.C. Some of these locations are the War Department, Department of the Navy, and the new British legation which was still under construction. Condition: Textblock is detached from the cover with some minimal page toning.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Typed document. 1pp. 8 x 5 in.
This typed “Foreword” gives a short biography of Maynard’s life. Condition: Tears along the edges.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Work Estimates. January 1883- May 1883. 12pp. 7¾ x 10 in.
Seven estimates listing different types of improvements such as running wires and installing electric door bells and burglar alarms.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. List of Artifacts for the Smithsonian. circa 1916. 3pp. 8 x 10½ in.
A list of items donated to the Smithsonian with notations around them in pencil.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Engle Primary Battery Pamphlet. Washington D.C. circa 1913. 4 pp. 3½ x 5½ in.
The pamphlet describes the Engle battery and options regarding the incorporation of state and independent companies.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Unused Proposal for Electric Lamps. Kansas City, MO. 1880’s. 2pp. 8 x 10¼ in.
Proposal to the Kawsmouth Electric Light Company requesting the installation of “lamps and lights”. Also includes the rates for each time circuit as well as the cost of the lamps themselves. Condition: Good, some minor tears.



GEORGE C. MAYNARD. CDV. Washington D.C. 1p. 2½ x 4¼ in. Backmark from M.P. Rice and A.I. Rice. Condition: Minor damage near the upper edge.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. ALS. Washington D.C. June 29, 1882. 1p. 8 x 10 in.
A letter from George C. Maynard to his Aunt Eliza about the weather and the antics of his son Colton. The letter is on his personal letterhead.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Typed Extract of a letter from Jefferson Davis to his wife. Charlotte, NC. April 23, 1865. 1p. 8 x 5½ in.
The extract talks about the surrender terms of General Joseph E. Johnston to General William T. Sherman. Maynard notes on the bottom “My War Diary May 26, 1865 shows different wording.”

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Business card. Washington D.C. 1881, as both an electrical engineer and an editor for the Electrical Review based in New York City. 1pp. 3½ x 1¾ in.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Invitation Card from the American Institute of Electrical Engineers inviting Maynard to hear a speaker. New York. 1887. 1pp. 4¼ x 3½ in.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Autograph biography of his family. 7pp. 8 x 10¼ in.
Maynard writes the history of his family, beginning with a short biography of his mother and finishing with the family’s move to Onondaga. The first page is missing.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Autograph documents regarding his dream house. Washington D.C. 1886. 22 pp. 8 x 10 in.
The documents contain handwritten details on different areas of Maynard’s new dream house in Washington, D.C. The plans go into specifics of multiple rooms, as well as a general plan of the house itself.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Detached page from book. 1pp. 6 x 9 in.
A detached page from a book gives the Maynard’s ancestry.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Receipt. Montrose, PA. September 20, 1889. 1 p. 10½ x 8 in.
A Maynard receipt shows goods bought from S.B. Rogers.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Typed memorandum, signed. November 30, 1912. 1 p. 8 x 10½ in.
A memo regarding personal accounts of Maynard with information about the settling of his estate. Also signed by Maynard.

GEORGE C. MAYNARD. Newspaper Article. 2 pp. 8¾ x 10½ in.
An article including an excerpt from Maynard’s journal giving a detailed account of the early spread of the telephone. Also includes a picture of Maynard.

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