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Rare Abraham Lincoln 1860 Campaign Sash for Rally at Boston’s Faneuil Hall
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The first owner wore this sash at one or more of the Lincoln Rallies during the 1860 presidential campaign season. The two most prominent were at the beginning and end of the season. 

[ABRAHAM LINCOLN]. Portrait Sash from Faneuil Hall Rally, May-November, 1860, Boston, Massachusetts. 1 p., 29 x 2¼ in. It features a portrait of Lincoln engraved from an 1858 photograph taken in Springfield by Christopher S. German.

Inventory #27653       Price: $12,500

Historical Background
On May 24, 1860, an “immense meeting” opened the Republican campaign in Massachusetts. The Daily Advertiser reported, “Faneuil Hall never rocked under the feet of a larger, a more unanimous, patriotic and enthusiastic audience, than filled its walls to overflowing last evening. The enthusiasm that was kindled, will spread throughout the country, and bear Lincoln and Hamlin in triumph to the goal.”[1]

On October 16, 1860, Wide Awake and other Republican groups from throughout New England again assembled in Boston for a “grand Republican demonstration and torchlight procession.” William Lloyd Garrison’s Liberator called it “the most brilliant and imposing political demonstration ever witnessed in Boston on any occasion” and asserted that ten thousand Wide Awakes “all in full dress” paraded through the streets of Boston, including several hundred African Americans.[2]

We aren’t aware of any other 1860 presidential campaign sashes with Lincoln’s portrait and tied to such a prominent historic location.

Faneuil Hall
In 1740, slave trader Peter Faneuil offered to build a public market house as a gift to the town of Boston. Built over the next two years, it had an open ground floor to serve as a market house, with an assembly room above. Although the interior was destroyed by fire in 1761, the town rebuilt it in 1762. Expanded to double its original size in width and the addition of a third floor in 1806, the enhanced Faneuil Hall was used for town meetings until 1822 and for public meetings of all sorts thereafter. To the east of Faneuil Hall is the Faneuil Hall Market, begun in 1824, which includes the North Market, South Market, and Quincy Market granite buildings.

[1] Boston Daily Advertiser (MA), May 25, 1860, 1:7.

[2] The Liberator (Boston, MA), October 19, 1860, 2:3.

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