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British Literary Magazine Early Printing of the Declaration of Independence
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We hold these Truths to be self-evident; that all Men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The Westminster Magazinewas one of several London periodicals to include the Declaration in their August issue; the full text appears on pages 431-32, without comment.

[DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE]. The Westminster Magazine; or, The Pantheon of Taste, August 1776. London: Thomas Wright, [1776]. Folding engraved map; lacking an engraved view and a piece of music, 52 pp. (395-448), 5⅛ x 8 in.

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The issue opens with “A Concise Account of the British Colonies in America,” accompanied by an engraved, fold-out “Map of the present Seat of War in North America,” which provides a brief geographic description of each colony, including Newfoundland, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and East and West Florida.

Excerpts from more than three pages of “American Intelligence” (p442-45).
General William Howe letter to Lord George Germain, July 1776, Staten Island:

the Rebels...are numerous, and very advantageously posted with strong intrenchments, both upon Long Island and that of New York, with more than 100 pieces of cannon for the defence of the town towards the sea, and to obstruct the passage of the fleet up the North river, besides a considerable field train of artillery.” (p442/c2)

I propose waiting here for the English fleet or for the arrival of Lieut. General [Henry] Clinton, in readiness to proceed, unless by some unexpected change of circumstances, in the mean time, it should be found expedient to act with the present force.” (p443/c1)

Governor Franklyn [William Franklin], who for a long time maintained his ground in Jersey, has been lately taken into custody at Amboy, and is at this time detained a prisoner in Connecticut: And the Mayor of New-York [David Mathews] was confined a few days ago upon a frivolous complaint of sending intelligence to Governor [William] Tryon, brought to trial, and condemned to suffer death; but, by the last intelligence, the sentence was not carried into execution.

Notwithstanding these violent proceedings, I have the satisfaction to inform your lordship, that there is great reason to expect a numerous body of the inhabitants to join the [British] army from the provinces of York, the Jerseys, and Connecticut; who, in this time of universal oppression, only wait for opportunities to give proofs of their loyalty and zeal for Government.. .. Several men have within these two days come over to this island, and to the ships, and I am informed that the Continental Congress have declared the United Colonies free and independent States.(p443/c1)

Additional Content
Short articles include “The Pleasures of Poverty: or, Adventures in a Coffee-House” (p405-6); “The Anxieties of Irresolution” (p406-7); “An Essay on the Variety of Opinions, Whence It Proceeds, and the Uncertainty of Human Knowledge” (p413-15); “On the Varieties, Uses, &c. of Potatoes” (p419-20); and “Biographical Memoirs of William King” (p422-26); original poetry (p433-41).

The Westminster Magazine; or, The Pantheon of Taste(1773-1785) was a monthly literary magazine published in London. Among its publishers over its twelve-year run were William Goldsmith (d. 1796), William Richardson (1701-1788) & Leonard Urquhart, Thomas Wright (d. 1797), John Cooke (1731-1810), John Fielding & John Walker, and John Walker.

Condition: Some soiling at top margin; disbound.

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