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The Christian Banner” – Pro-Confederate Paper From Union-Occupied Fredericksburg
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“The colored population of Fredericksburg are strolling about town and seem to be perfectly happy our country is ruined and slaughtered worse than beeves all on account of the negroes! Can it be possible, that man will sacrifice their country for the negro…”

A fine war-date newspaper published in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Articles on the front page describe the destruction of President Jefferson Davis’s Mississippi plantation, the Battle of Memphis, military actions near Richmond and an account of operations near Charleston, South Carolina. Several other articles deal with the subject of slavery.

[CIVIL WAR – CONFEDERACY]. Newspaper. June 11, 1862. The Christian Banner, Fredericksburg, Va., J.W. Hunnicutt, Vol. 1, Number 6. 4 pp., large folio.

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We learn that the vandals have come off their boats, and battered down and utterly destroyed the residence of Jeff. Davis, and also that of Joe Davis. Their acts of destruction and vandalism in that neighborhood were complete, leaving nothing behind but a bleak and desolate track behind them.”

African Slavery. The fact can be no longer disguised; let this war result as it may, African Slavery in Virginia, is already virtually swept from her territory. If she would lay down her arms, and return to the Union, her citizens might receive some remuneration for their servants from Government

Submission … This is submission with a tyrant’s rod and a vengeance. And all who were opposed to secession, have been forced to submit, because a Military despotism has been hanging over them ever since. and this is freedom—Independence!”

The word submission has produced a greater terror over the Southern people, than any word in the world. Submission! Submission to what? Submission to Old Abe Lincoln? Submission to Black Republican rule what power had he [Lincoln] none whatever! If all the States had remained quietly and peacefully in the Union. Lincoln could not have inaugurated a civil war upon the South

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